Soda cracker Jesus – “Kill It Tomorrow”

Kill It Tomorrow” is a fierce punk rock song that delights on living in the present day, the strive of being your best self, and the freedom the be able to live you best life. Pop meets punk in Soda Cracker Jesus’ new single. Listen now to “Kill It Tomorrow”.

Well, hello again everybody! After two equally pleasing singles, our dear U.S.A artist, Regan Lane aka Soda Cracker Jesus has return with yet another fun and pure musical effort. The single comes with a very entertaining and artistic video directed by Cedric J. Hit that play button and enjoy!

If you don’t know him by now, Regan Lane is the frontman of American band, “Strangely Alright“, but whenever he chooses, he slips into his alter ego: Soda Cracker Jesus. If you’d like to know more about him and listen to his previous releases (all great), please check them out here: My Anthem and Drug My Soul.

Despite its title, “Kill It Tomorrow” is not about a vengeful sentence against a mischievous mosquito wandering at night while you try to sleep, it is about giving the best of you every day, doing the best you can from the beginning of the day to when you go to sleep, and preparing to do it all over again tomorrow, or, Kill It Tomorrow too.

As a man who has learned to put the past where it belongs, Lane looks to the future in this garage, pop, punk extravaganza with psychedelic undertones.

“I’ve learned to let ghosts and skeletons from yesterday stay in their graves,” he says, “so
I, and they, can find some peace.” And it is a neat philosophy to have. Looking back only
slows you down, the past is an illusion when seen from the present and even if you only
manage to move forward an inch at a time, it sure beats looking at a scrapbook.
” – Regan Lane

So far his last two singles have had an increasing amount of exposure and have been played on over 100 indie radio stations and charted on the prestigious Indie Alliance Charts including numerous #1’s. Lane was also featured on blogs and websites around the world including The New Music Food Truck, Eclectic Music Lover, Ballroom Blitz’s Man At The Back, and, of course, us!

Also, the My Anthem video was added to The International Singer-Songwriters Association’s Television Network Channel on ROKU, and it is said that Regan is so very excited about this new expansion. He should be, as this will give SCJ and other ISSA members a direct presence with TV viewers across the world! Game on!

Now is to live until I don’t. Each minute of now is all I have and then it’s gone. I’m going to do today and then Kill It Tomorrow.” – Regan Lane aka SCJ

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