Curtis Culley “Strip It Back”

Sensual vibes interlaced with slight emotional conflicts, a deep bassline that makes your body feel warm and delightful voice. Today’s song has all that and more!

Curtis Culley is a British singer-songwriter and producer creating an own healing blend of indie pop. He started writing music in 2019 and producing songs has become his main vessel of optimism and joy when all else is gray and somber. Curtis joins catchy pop melodies with deeper and more immersive productions, and adds his sweet vocals and thoughtful lyrics. Resulting sound is full of life energy, popping and never too still, with a core that runs deep into introspective realms.

“From me as an artist I write a wide variety of songs but they all tie together through my vocal delivery and production. If you like indie pop then look no further.”

Today Curtis has released his newest single, a little story titled “Strip It Back“. The theme of love is instantly recognisable through the guitar notes that begin the song. Gently swirling guitar notes switching places with the sensual bassline offer quite a bit of tension, and so does his voice. That sexy low voice together with juicy bass guitar is quite an earcandy, and using that infectious voice he tells a tale of two ex-lovers who still come together for the feeling each other’s company offers.

“So the song is about a on and off relationship where the people involved keep going back to each other even when they know its bad but at the same to the company one another is the best. So like a can’t live with can’t with without type of deal.
I wrote and produced the song myself. It was massively out of my comfort zone with the lyrical content but kept pressing onward to finish it. The bass line was the first thing I wrote and then based the rest of the song around it.

I feel as though this song will surprise a lot of my listeners in a good way as my other songs are more melancholic and chilled compared to Strip it back. For first time listeners of strip it back, expect tension built excitement with a head bopping bass line.”

The beginning of “Strip It Back” has a tone of longing for touch, and it reminds me of some Ricky Martin songs that also dissect the topic of missing and longing. But here, the song then evolves into a story told by sultry voice spinning up an energy that gets then further amplified. Sexy is now quite a perfect term to describe the atmosphere of this tune. When it began held back, it’s now flowing quite free from the attempted constraints. When the feeling hits, there indeed is no point of holding back! 🙂

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