Clifford- Love Is Real

For all the lovers and for those who are still looking for their great love, this is a song that cannot be missed, it is called “Love is Real” from Clifford, which is one of the most sincere songs i have ever heard.

I wanted to write an acoustic song. One that would be intimate and personal. Which of course brought me to the topic of love.

It is unexpected what changes your life, and one of those unexpected things is love. You never know when it will happen, even sometimes we have no idea with who, but what is certain is, when you find that special person you know it because you feel it, I know it sounds corny, but it is the truth, and it’s what this beautiful song is about.

Many times we wonder if what we feel is love, sometimes we try to explain everything, but the truth is that for some things there is none, in this case, and what the song says, for love, there is no explanation, you do not need some many words to define it, real love is just the opposite when there are no questions or doubts arise and we are not wondering if we love such a person, that’s when you know it for the simple fact that you feel happy and feel yourself being with that person.

“I wanted to express my frustrations about the difficulties of dating during a pandemic. But I also wanted to write a song that was a bit ambiguous so that anyone in a relationship would relate to the song as well.

That is exactly what this song tries to convey, that you do not need anyone’s approves to know if you are with the right person or not, and when you finally find her all you want to do is be with her, look at her, and know what lucky you are, you want to tell everyday how special is to you. So when you listen to this song, which also has an acoustic rhythm which makes it feel more romantic and more intimate, if when listening to it a person comes to your mind, it would be a sign?… or if you already have that special someone, listen to it together, and just get carried away by the lyrics and the melody.

So don’t hesitate to add this song to your romantic playlist, believe me, I hope you enjoy it.

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