Robert Vendetta- “All by my Handsome Self”

Sometimes a relationship does not go the way we expect. Suddenly we realize those who seemed special for us did not think the same of ourselves. And yet, it is hard for us to see them in a bad light. Norwegian singer Robert Vendetta’s latest single tells us exactly this type of story. Nostalgic, danceable, and catchy, “All by My Handsome Self” is a retro-modern track that sings about loneliness in a bittersweet manner that will enchant those lonely souls, no matter how old or young.

“All by My Handsome Self” is the third single from Robert Vendetta’s third album titled All by His Handsome Self, which includes his previous singles  “Colombian Spice” and  “If It’s Over“. Vendetta retains his characteristic Elvis-like persona in his latest release. A performer, Vendetta lets out all of his attitude that has made us his fans. In “All by My Handsome Self” he takes inspiration from giants such as Elton John and ABBA. The result is a song that sounds retro and modern at the same time: The classic 80’s sounds with modern groovy synths, recording, and mixing.

“I was actually going to rehearse some Soul Children songs – Norwegian gospel music – when “All By My Handsome Self” came to me. I already had the title for a while, and learning new chord progressions and a new way of thinking melody through the Soul Children songs I ended up with “All By My Handsome Self. It took about half an hour to write. The title itself comes from a line of a song a friend wrote, and I thought it to be too good to just be a line in a lyric.” – Robert Vendetta

Robert Vendetta sings about being alone in a third wheel. About feeling suddenly betrayed: “I heard you got married/ I thought it was the two of us, but then you suddenly married someone else!”. But he does not wish ill to the newly formed couple. He hopefully, with a pinch of sadness, sings that they will find happiness. He remembers what once was and imagines what could’ve been, trying to see his situation in a good light. “All by My Handsome Self” mixes all of these diverse emotions in one package. We are left with a track that is not completely happy nor completely sad; maybe it’s somewhere in between.

Set a reminder for the video premiere Friday, September 17th

“All by my Handsome Self” mixes the old and the new. The piano, the synths, the vocals, and even the harmonies make us immediately think of classic 80’s rock ballads: a bittersweetness that makes us happily remember the times we had with that special someone. Vendetta’s voice moves us in unexpected ways.

His hopeful and ironic lyrics are sung with a pinch of sadness, contrasting what is being said with how it is being said. And yet “All by my Handsome Self” is energetic enough to be extremely danceable. It is an enjoyable, catchy track that makes us look forward to the future. The upbeat synths, vocals, and piano invite us to dance, if not with that special someone, by ourselves.

Robert Vendetta has hyped once again his upcoming album All by His Handsome Self with a single that shares almost the same name: a bittersweet track that invites us Make sure to keep an eye out when it releases later this month!

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