DARGZ – “Lou’s Tune”

Lou’s Tune” is a lofi, hip-hop beat with a laid back swing and a creamy atmosphere. Get ready to study, do homework or simply enjoy this summer-vibed, chill-out tune. Listen right now to DARGZ debut new single.

Hello everybody and welcome back to your favorite music blog, supporting unknown artists since 2017! I’m very pleased today as I bring you this fruity-licious brand new single that comes from the historic city of London, UK. “Lou’s Tune” is the result of a collaboration between producer DARGZ and the well-known drummer, Moses Boyd.

DARGZ has been recently signed by Papercup Records and has a background of studying production in the one and only Abbey Road Institute Studio. In fact it was he who recorded Poppy Ajudha’s feature for Moses Boyd’s Mercury Prize nominated LP Dark Matter. Sweet!

Thanks to this encounter, the bedrock for “Lou’s Tune” was born. A fresh “lofi beats to study to 24/7″ vibed single that mixes the ecstatic drumming of Moses Boyd with a smooth vocal sample. For those of you who don’t know what a vocal sample is: It’s a sampled piece of audio that producers (me included) use a lot. The duration and nature of such sample may vary, but it can be taken from nearly any piece of music or video out there.

The magic of sampling is to take a sound that already exists, and twist it in such way that it is given new life, or even turning out unrecognizable. This can be done by chopping it, adding distortion, turning up or down the pitch, reversing it, expanding it, distorting it… anyway, you get the idea. Sky’s the limit!!

In this case the sample seems to be pitched and speeded up. And the blending with the wind instruments and the funky bass really ends up to give life to this relaxing beat. Although it is 1:43 in duration, I’ll bet you’ll play it back again and again to get enough of this fantastic single.

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Processed with RNI Films. Preset ‘Fuji FP 100C v.2’

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