He’s Not Your Kind, 9 O’clock Nasty, Square Tugs and More…

September 10, 2021.

Week 36 2021 Hi y’all here I’m with another round of 9 Albums/EPs you should listen to released all of them recently (if you want you can take a look to our previous week here).

1.- He’s Not Your Kind What Could Have Been, What Will Never Be Debut Album. In his own words “The album was born out of a pretty dark place in my life. Some things were going on that had me facing depression for the first time in my life. Over an 8 week period from June-August 2021 I wrote and recorded these 7 songs in my home studio. It was a very cathartic experience, and exactly the therapy I needed.” You can read our review here.

2.- 9 O’clock Nasty Dust   The EP  is just the perfect dose of hard-hitting rock that is not afraid to get dirty and pull no punches mixed with lyrical craziness just to scratch that itch that lives inside of us. 9 o’clock Nasty is able to explore different musical ideas in a well-crafted, three song  package. Each of them flirt with different types of styles, sounds and themes, while always being unique and fun in their own way. You can read our review here.

3.- Square Tugs Vodka. Lime And Soda  “containing four tracks of classic 80’s-style punk. Influenced by The Circle Jerks and early 80’s American hardcore.”

4.- The Gold Supply Underwater Completely “The Gold Supply are a new female-fronted band made up of exmajor label artists, but formed and twisted in the turmoil of the global pandemic and world chaos. Their cold, dark, weird songs reflect the new normal – total chill” You can read our review here.

5.- Sceti Feel Alive Debut EP “Latvian Alisa Scetinina aka Gaisma teams up with Rework for an exciting new collaborative project, Sceti. They debut on the Exlove label with a fantastic four-track EP of song-led synth disco. They cook up a unique vibe that straddles the lines between disco, new wave, indie, electro and synthpop. They do so with vintage synths, minimal drum machine patterns and dreamy soundscape-like vocals from Alisa.”

6- Bryn Jahna Chaotic Brain  “lies in the crossroads of folk, emo and rock. The blend of bittersweet lament, beautifully intricate melodies and eerie instrumentation gives Bryn’s music a unique quality that is all its own.”

7.- Murad  Sleepwalking On A Beach  In her own words: “This project is inspired for my love of contemporary soul and pop and king’s love for old hip hop and classic production style. It is about finding your real power and love for yourself through heartbreak.”

8.- Mya Luv Elevations Of Luv  Containing seven tracks, Elevation of Luv makes full use of every song to solidify Mya’s poignant and passionate narrative, with the EP itself functioning as a deeper look into her feelings regarding love and her experiences with authenticity and integrity. Dripping melancholy, discontent, and some anger as well, the debut work is honest and direct, showcasing the essence of Mya Luv.  You can read our review here.

9.- Bella Rose  Music fro Midnight Emotions Vol 1 In her own words “MFME Vol. 1, was 95% written at, or close to, midnight and the early hours of the morning, and encapsulates my emotions and past experiences over various situations. Either presently or at one-time. It’s a very personal album that has my signature sound and thoughtful, dreamy lyrics, with piano and vocals being the forefront of every track.”

This week a bonus

10.- Saint Idiot Alternate Utopias from a Nostalgic Future In his own words: “This album is about exploring masculinity and re-integrating lost, undernourished, unacknowledged, excised dimensions of myself, starting with reclaiming my emotional reality from certain unspoken codes of “traditional masculinity.” It is the end result of a series of adventures in brutal self-honesty that I undertook when I realized I had spent most of my life projecting my own shadow onto other men.”

I hope not only you can enjoy this track but also support this bands streaming and sharing their work that obviously you can fin in the Playlist Less Than 1,000 Followers, Female Rising Stars, Indie Only,  Alterindie State of Mind, and  Sickest & Dopest.

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Here is a guide (Playlist) with one track from each of the albums presented in this round up:

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