He’s Not Your Kind – “What Could Have Been, What Never Will Be”

This one is for all of you shoe-gaze, post-rock lovers. This new album is a mix of etheral atmospheres, slow-paced tempo and heavy melodic parts. A response to life, death, love and loss. Listen now to Tim Hick’s new solo project and album.

Hello everybody, and welcome back! I hope y’all safe, happy, having a blast in this Friday evening/morning/night, whichever the case! Today, we have a brand new album from a brand new project. Two for one!

“What Could Have Been, What Never Will Be” is the first 7-track album from USA musician, Tim Hicks, also known for playing in the band Desert Companion. Only this time, Hicks created this solo project as a way to deal with some hard times in his life…

The album was born out of a pretty dark place in my life. Some things were going on that had me facing depression for the first time in my life. Over an 8 week period from June-August 2021 I wrote and recorded these 7 songs in my home studio. It was a very cathartic experience, and exactly the therapy I needed.” – Tim Hicks

This new project it’s a way for Tim to express him self on his own, He’s Not Your Kind assembles several of Tim’s influences, which include bands like Mogwai, Failure, and Bands like Nothing, which musical characteristics wouldn’t fit in with his other band, Desert Companion. So you can expect a lot of shoe-gaze, post-rock and ambient elements in this album.

For example, track , which carries the album’s title is a soft song come together by gentle guitars, hazy synths and ethereal vocals, very Sigur Rós like. The message or what Tim was trying to express is the perspective of a guardian angel comforting someone in their final moments.

“The overall theme of the album is dealing with depression, loss, love, living with decisions made and their consequences.” – Tim Hicks

Lyrics are very personal, but Tim did tried to leave some of them open for the listener to make of them whatever they want to.

Track 2, “Everything That’s In Between” is a little more fast paced with heavy rhythmic elements, driving bass and guitars, and melodic lines in the background. It is about an introvert letting go and allowing themselves to let someone in to share new experiences with.

My favorite track was track 3, “Starfire” which opens up with a beautiful melodic composition of delayed guitars, keys and piano followed by silence… only to hit again with a sick guitar riff that reminds us of Deftones. A great track that deals with regrets in a relationship.

“Year of The Rat”, track 4, is heavenly and the drums are brilliant, with a snare that sounds like an explosion to your face once all the elements come together. Filled with emotion, it’s about coming up short when you had every opportunity for happiness.

“Soon”, track 5, deals with the contemplation of suicide but realizing that you can’t go through with it. There is always hope.”

“No one is coming”, has a very interesting beginning, it almost sounds like a lofi hip/hop tune is about to start. It is about coming to terms with dying alone. “In the end, we all do die alone.”

And last but not least, track 7, “I Hope We Meet Again” is a very groovy track with hard hitting drums bouncing side to side and melodic guitars crying out in epicness. What starts as a soft song, slowly makes its way to a more rhythmic approach with dancing drums and wailing guitars. It focuses on reuniting someone you care about that you thought was lost.

“What Could Have Been, What Will Never Be” is a very exciting first release for me. I look forward to releasing more music that encompasses all of my influences, which include -Alternative, Metal, Shoegaze, Indie, and Synthwave.

We are sure that this is only the beginning for Tim’s solo musical endeavour, and we can’t wait to hear what he has in store next. If you feel the same way please support him on his journey. Thanks for reading! MadZen out.

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