Breakfast For Dinner “Say”

Breakfast For Dinner pour their hearts out as they try to find a balance between love and selflessness in their single, ‘Say’.

Based on Buffalo, NY, the underground indie-pop ensemble known as Breakfast For Dinner — abbreviated to the equally stylish B4D, are young but experienced creators who masterfully blend glistening synth textures with reverbs that smoothly envelop the lead melody and comfortable vocals. The four piece band’s authentic sound 

As of February of 2019, B4D has begun to work with and release music alongside the Independent underground Niagara Falls label: Love Canal Entertainment. 

Their July release, Say, was tracked in their living room at 10am during a usual weekend. It was also “one of the quickest and truest songs we’ve ever written”, the members shared. Say was mastered by Robin Schmidt. 

Diving into the delightful dreamy landscape painted by the band’s sound, Say is an “in the feels” song, as the emotions the band poured into the track are able to make contact with the listener, resulting in an emotional and insightful experience. The members’ honest desires and struggles tell a relatable story, as most people have their own internal debates as to how much you can ask for in a relationship, as well as how much distance is the right amount for the people involved in it. 

“Say is about not wanting to hold your partner back in a relationship. I think when you care about someone else’s needs so much, and you aren’t mindful, you can accidentally put your emotions in the backseat. And you can find yourself feeling selfish, or even embarrassed, for expressing your own. This song is a confession of those feelings; while illustrating the eagerness to see the other person thrive, because you want them to keep growing, and you know they deserve more. The song is vulnerable in the sense that it expresses the preference of physical closeness, but also the choice to let it go for the possibility of the other person being happier— and the unknown that comes along with that.”

Official music video for “Say”

In fewer words, Say is about learning to let go and trusting that distance does not mean you’re no longer united. The song promotes healthy communication, as the lyrics demonstrate a desire for all parties involved to be happy. It ends with the resolve of finding the right decision together. All while maintaining a dreamlike sensation with their use of synths (reminiscent of Pale Waves, The 1975, and nightly), its magic being highlighted by the accompanying instruments. 

A suitable companion to bands such as Fickle Friends, another indie-pop outfit who often lean more towards pop, the more indie drenched sound of Breakfast For Dinner will fit in any listener’s comfort and joy-inducing playlist smoothly, proving that perhaps the band was always meant to have a spot in it. 

B4D continues to amaze their audience, both old and new, as they’ve released one more single since Say‘s release and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Each and every song that forms part of their discography is able to raise people’s spirits and set a positive mood for the rest of the day. Knowing this, what else can you do but go and give them a listen?

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