Sabela Bee “Suburban Summers”

Sabela Bee submerges herself and her audience in nostalgia in her debut single, ‘Suburban Summers’.

Under the moniker of Sabela Bee, Maria Coraza has begun her career as a solo artist. This independent singer-songwriter, guitarist and bassist from Houston, Texas uses personal life experiences and the emotions that evoked within her as inspiration for her art. With it, Sabela wishes to express what she’s learnt along the way and create a connection with people who resonate with her music.  

The song Suburban Summers was recorded in the artist’s home, and it was mixed by Third Coast Recording Co. and mastered by One Fifty Music in Houston, Texas.

While the date has yet to be determined, Sabela Bee is preparing to release her first EP in the fall of this year. Under the name of EPH3MR4L, a spelling of the word “ephemeral” using numbers in place of certain vocals, the EP will be a collection of bittersweet songs. 

Written in 2018 during the artist’s early college days, Suburban Summers is a song that revolves around youth and the experiences that were essential for Sabela to grow up as a young child, and later on a teen, in the Texas suburbs. 

From growing up as a Filipino in a Catholic household in America and the family and social pressure that comes with it to focusing on her studies and a part-time job, Sabela has encountered many of the everyday struggles millions of people go through throughout their life as well. The difference comes from what she has decided to gain from those experiences and the way it’s changed her mindset. Retaining the gratitude for the safe place she grew up in, as well as her upbringing, her family and loved ones, and the opportunities that all of the previously stated are able to bring to her. 

The fact that for Suburban Summers, the artist is accompanied by her college friend Michael Galvez is a small but endearing detail that adds a certain closeness and additional affection to the single. In a song about appreciating what she has and the people who’ve impacted her life, the drums provided by a friend fall perfectly with the main theme of the track, and they are proof of how long lasting friendships are those who will be with you in doing the things you love. 

Her vocals, as though dipped in honey, provide infinite sweetness that makes it easier for the listener to feel invested in the story narrated through the lyrics. While the song is mainly a blend of alternative music from the 90’s and 00’s, there is a clear progression that feels more at home with theatre, making this Suburban Summers feel as though we’re truly there to witness the things Sabela sings about. 

As she permanently transcribes her golden memories in the format of her debut single, Sabela Bee gets to relive the moments she holds close to her heart and help listeners understand her as they, too, go down memory lane and think of their own dearest memories. 

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