Exxyle – “Line In The Sand”

“Line In The Sand” is a hard-hitting dirty rock n’ roll tune with a strong message. Going straight ahead towards the obscenities and atrocities committed by major religious institutions, Exxyle holds nothing back with his classic rock sound and lyrical bluntness. Listen now to “Line In The Sand“.

Well, hello everybody! It is Monday already, the start of a new week, new goals, and new music. Today we have the second release from our dear friend Frank Loots, aka Exxyle. This is also his second appearance in our blog and if you missed our previous review, please check it out right here!: The Cancer Redux.

The mean-machine is back, I’m talking about Exxyle’s raw, heavy and dirty hard-rock sound that once you hear it you will recognize anywhere. After his first release, The Cancer Redux, Exxyle comes back with a grudge and a not so discreet message towards certain religious institutes that abuse their power at the terrible cost of their congregations.

Exxyle’s message is blunt and direct, and out of respect of his original idea, I’ll show you what he exactly means to say:

“This tracks shouts out in the most hard edged way against people who adopt positions of power in the most intimate and vulnerable aspect of a person’s life, namely religion, and abusing those positions to gain wealth and inflict atrocities on their congregations. It’s well known that the major religious institutions are some of the wealthiest organizations in history and at the same time responsible for some of the most abhorrent acts of violence, genocide, torture, abuse and sexual exploitation, yet people still mass to these organizations which exploit them. I believe a person’s faith is their own and not only doesn’t it need an institution to practice, but looking at the history of the major religious factions and how their most “holy” leaders have managed them, I reckon people are far better off celebrating their faith without them.” – Exxyle

A song that pretty much wrote itself lyrically speaking, Exxyle let the music take control and carve it’s own path. Originally intended to be a song about drawing a line in the sand against governance and imposition of rules on a society that is desperate to be free, the song had plans of its own, and Exxyle wasn’t going to get in its way.

The message is loud and clear and Exxyle hopes to inspire some of his listeners into the idea that their faith is a beautiful thing.

“It should be and can be free and powerful.” – Exxyle

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