K4YLEE – “Left For Dead”

Left For Dead” is a face-melting hard rock song filled with raw emotion, blistering riffs and earth-scorching sound. A raging voice trying to find peace inside a troubled mind. Listen right now to “Left For Dead”.

Welcome, welcome, my dear friends from across the globe. It’s a pleasure to greet you once again in this Tuesday morning/evening/night. Today, the young promise of hard-rock/metal K4YLEE is back and she’s bringing with her the wrath of a thousand suns…

“Left For Dead” is her third single release following the amazing second single “Hell And Back” which, by the way, we covered here in Less Than 1k, and if you missed it… man, go ahead and listen to it right now! Hell and Back.

This once confined Texas girl is pushing forward full throttle with his power-house vocals and ravaging guitar riffs. The single is a mix of powerful melodic elements with chaotic guitar riffs and blasting drum and bass, blended together to create an earth-shaking metal tune.

“With this song I wanted to personify the inner battle of my mind when things get dark. Sometimes I feel like my thoughts leaves me gasping for air and I’m left for dead. My producer and co-lyricist Jordan Scott helped me develop this vision into what I hope becomes your new favorite mosh-pit anthem!” – K4YLEE

Revenge, deceit, and agony, that’s what this song’s about, but don’t be fooled by its message, it really is a highly energetic fast-paced song ready to be shredded live. All the contrasts between heavy and melodic sit perfectly fine in a harmonious way, with waves of soft and harsh going back and forth in an extreme dance.

This is the third song in her catalog mastered by vocalist Julian Comeau of Loveless, credited for his work on Kellin Quinn’s Downer Inc., and I Prevail’s Grammy-nominated album ‘Trauma’, along with production engineer and co-lyricist Jordan Anthony Scott.

“The heaviness of LEFT FOR DEAD is guttural, I hope listeners can channel their inner rage and tear this song apart.” – K4YLEE

K4YLEE still plans to keep surprising us month after month with a brand new single release, so if you like her music you’d better stay tuned and see what this artist has to bring. Don’t forget to support and follow her on InstagramTwitterTikTokYouTube, and Spotify.

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