Spence Paull “Crush”

You know what having a crush feels like? Today’s artist showcases her newest single that will manifest what having a crush sounds like. What else can be said than that she really hit the nail on the head with this one. Read on to learn more about this charming song and its author!

It’s time to go to Canada, the home country of a youthful singer-songwriter and producer Spence Paull. Rhythmic and full of lovely threads of happiness, her pop sound is further enhanced with inspirations running in from musical theatre and jazz among many others. The result is some of the freshest genre-crossing pop sounds. Captivating lyrics telling a story as if it’s a movie with a narrator, heartwarming additions of brass and synths shimmering, rhythm you cannot avoid tapping your toes to, and her singing voice which feels just so pleasantly immersive. There’s definitely plenty to enjoy in her music!

“For those who haven’t heard my music before, I’d say that you can always expect a great groove, a cheeky mix of old and new school sounds, and ultimately a fresh take on pop music. There is so. much. more. music. on the way – I’m beyond excited for everyone to hear what’s coming next!”

Spence Paull

Just recently Spence Paull released her newest single named “Crush”, and as the name suggests, it’s all about how it feels like to have a crush. The sight of that special someone, that load of love-laden feelings tingling in the stomach and the endlessly sunny days all get combined into this little celebration of being a love-inspired hopeful fool living life to the fullest. Running in the rhythm of one’s heartbeat, the song is loaded with sheer amounts of optimism. The brass segments sparkle with high-on-life energy, and her vocals invite all listeners into a party.

“There was a coworker that I developed a bit of a crush on… the only problem was, they were in a long-term relationship. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on who you would ask I suppose), we continued this harmless little flirtationship. “Crush” was born out of the thought “what if I just told them, my friend, that I had a crush on them? Would it ruin our friendship? Would they like the idea, and entertain it?” I think that message is universal – we’ve all been there, having a crush on a friend, or someone we shouldn’t, and wondering what would happen if we were just honest.”

Spence Paull

Giddily skipping through the day, carried by the swells of brass feeling light as a feather, the ecstatic vocals glisten with hope as she asks “what would you do if i had a crush on you?”.
A truly dancy tune ending with her joyful laughter, what is not to like about such a joyful and ambitious song? Besides, there’s more: Spence is working on her concept album “Dear Mistress” as well as a collection of singles to be released in the future, which means a lot more exciting music to wait for!

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