Craig Gould “Ain’t No Place To Hide”

Mental health. Any issues with that remain invisible to others while severely degrading our lives, and there seems to be no place to hide from that. Today’s artist knows about the struggles well and his music comes loaded with reassuring and understanding vibes, and his debut single is simply adorable!

Craig Gould, the artist of today’s writeup is a British singer-songwriter creating sounds that can be described as americana flavoured folk. Writing songs has been his way of therapy on the long path to mending his ailing mental health, and now Gould is inspired to help others suffering from mental illnesses. Armed with a load of positively charged melodies and his endearing voice, his songwriting aims to break the barriers set by society and one’s own mindset and allow the daylight reach those of us sitting in the dark. In addition to his soul-healing songs, Craig works closely with a charity named CALM – Campaign Against Living Miserably.

“Expect to hear honest, heartfelt lyrics, wrapped around a groove that makes your hip twitch. Stunning production showcasing glorious musicianship”

Craig Gould

And so it begins with the release of his debut single – “Ain’t No Place To Hide“. Rhythmic and warm right from the beginning, the song reminds me of those more intimate concerts where artist interacts with audience, and the result is a lot of joy and dance circles. The instruments in the song itself feels intimate by nature too, very down-to-earth and celebrating education on mental health. The lyrics sung by his powerful and truthful voice are straight-forward and simple, just like the messages carried by the song.

“I wanted my debut single to reflect who I am as a person, my journey and my beliefs. I’ve been through some very difficult times with my mental health, and I’ve come through them stronger. I had to reinvent myself to do that, and along with that came a different way of viewing the world. This song reflects on my old life, and celebrates a rebirth, whilst also carrying a call to arms. I feel so passionate about the lack of responsibility people can take towards making the world a better place, and how dismissive people can be about helping other people in need. It upsets me, and angers me. I had to generate that into song, and here we are.”

Craig Gould

This single also announces the coming of Craig Gould’s debut album, set to release in spring next year. Carrying the same name as the song, the album is all about inspiring a compassionate and considered understanding of mental health, as well as offering a collection of great music to vibe to!

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