RynoFish “The Same Old Story”

We’re glad to announce that Morristown, United States-based alternative rock band RynoFish have released a new track, entitled “The Same Old Story.”

RynoFish are Patrick Rynearson (Ryno) and Jimmy Fisher (Fish). They met in middle school via a mutual friend, and both played music at the time. Having no other way of showing each other their musical skills, they would bring recordings of themselves into school, and it was then that they first began to create music and play in bands together. RynoFish are inspired by many genres of music, citing Led Zeppelin, Rush, Blink 182, Van Halen, A Day To Remember, Sum 41, Buddy Rich, Chet Atkins, New Found Glory, and Avenged Sevenfold as some of their influences. “We want our music to have soul and meaning behind it. After all, art is an expression of emotion, and I feel a lot of music (and art) has lost the very meaning that had inspired them to start in the first place,” the band writes.

“The Same Old Story” is the first track from RynoFish’s 10-track debut album, presenting a modern take on a 2000’s pop-punk anthem, including fast-paced drums, catchy melodies and relatable lyrics: every emo/alternative rock/pop-punk lover’s memorabilia. Patrick and Jimmy shared the production and songwriting of the entire album independently, with some of it done at Patrick’s apartment, some at Jimmy’s house, and even some at Patrick’s dad’s house! Experimenting with the drums especially, RynoFish have included organic drumming on some tracks from the album, while other tracks have completely sampled drums, and others are in between. RynoFish have also released four singles earlier this year, including “Hot Summer Nights,” for which you can read our review here.

The main theme of Rynofish’s debut album is that of a modern rock band with old-school character; most of the songs were inspired by music that the band members used to listen to as kids (from ‘70s rock to the 2000s pop-punk scene), with these old-school themes mixed with modern production. Explaining their decision to record an album, RynoFish say, “We always hear people say ‘you gotta release singles and get on spotify playlists’ and all that. Which is partially true! But we felt an album legitimizes us as a rock group and we didn’t want our fans to feel we were only feeding them bits and pieces of us. We aim to writing music that is inspiring to people, music that the people enjoy over having many monthly listeners who just turn a blind eye at our music and never listen again.

And describing the inspiration behind “The Same Old Story,” Patrick says, “Took me a while to think about where I got the inspiration from this story haha but I wrote it back in 2017, after college when I started working multiple jobs to try to make money. At the time I just felt like my life was on a perpetual loop. I would go to these dead end jobs each day and night, meeting girls only for each one to fall through, you know, that whole story I am sure we have all been through (or go through at some point in life). This went on for 6 or so months (which at the time felt like forever) and I wanted a change of pace, a new job, a relationship to work out. And eventually it did, as things do. But at the time I felt totally different. The constant repeating of the ‘same shit different day’ inspired me to write The Same Old Story.

“The Same Old Story” begins with muted electric guitar chords and steady drumming, complementing the thoughtful lyrics quite well. Sustained, distorted chords and deep bass notes soon join in, nicely underscoring the vocal melodies and leading into the track’s anthemic choruses, which are highlighted by powerful lead guitar arpeggios; while two-thirds of the way through the track, a captivating guitar solo adds its dynamic melodies into the mix, elevating the track to new heights. “The Same Old Story” is quite an enjoyable listen, once again demonstrating RynoFish’s impressive songwriting and excellent musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of pop-punk and alternative rock alike.

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