Beau Bowen “Bubble Tea”

No giving up when you’re young and you want some. This line from a song by Mika is perhaps quite a good foreword for today’s single. This song you’re about to hear follows what happens once the young person loaded with energy meets another on a Friday night out. The sheer wild energy flowing through this tune will certainly leave a strong impression. I find it’s a perfect soundtrack to a nightclub full of romantic affairs!

Hailing from Britain, Beau Bowen is a powerful duo stirring sensual and magical guitar-driven music. Releasing music since 2020, the duo has already dropped a full-length album introducing us to their fueled and heavy rock-inspired musical world intertwined with soft and melodic bits. If one would attempt to describe their sound with one word, ‘epic’ would be a great fit. Also ‘captivating’ because there is no space for boredom in that sound. ‘Cinematic’ is a perfect fit too- They’ve taken conventionally good storytelling rock sound and given it more depth, dynamic energy, diverse genre-crossing elements and sheer pleasure dripping from every climax.

Beau Bowen have dropped their new single just recently, a song called “Bubble Tea“. It sounds exactly like stepping through the door in to the nightclub full of intoxicating love and pleasure affairs with a similarly potent artist performing on stage. Speaking of love, yes – this song has everything to do with love, following what was first an awkward date now turned into a wild night out on the dancefloor with the new love. Getting down so hard you hear blood rushing in your ears, riding on an endless supply of energy, thoroughly living what will once become one of the haziest memories.

“Bubble Tea” is an anthem of “find someone with who you can be weird as hell during the day, but who will still get naked with you during the night”. The energy flows. Even when the whole ordeal may seem strange for bystanders, it’s really about enjoying yourself.

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