Fleeting Persuasion- “Eternal”

Meet Fleeting Persuasion, a solo project headed by Melbourne based songwriter James Spencer Harrison. Previously working under the moniker J M S Harrison, he achieved great success with releases such as the EP Find Any Place (2013) and the LPs Tales Surround the Lighthouse Lamp (2016) and Traced Out (2017). As his sound evolved to a full band sound, Harrison opted to work under the new name Fleeting Persuasion, under which he released the LP Forever Caught in 2019. Today’s featured track is his latest release, “Eternal”.

“Eternal” was recorded at Crosstown Studios in Melbourne alongside longtime collaborator Josh Whitehead. What started with simple chords on the keys and guitars became a dark (yet never depressing), athmospheric track with a hint of nostalgia. Guitars, keys and vocals were done by Harrison, bass and additonal keys by Whitehead and additional vocals by Danielle Loughnan. With this new release, Fleeting Persuasion is expecting to reach new directions.

I usually jam out songs I write with a band, but given lockdown constraints here in Melbourne we haven’t been able to get together.
So I started demoing songs on this terrible app I have using a drum machine and keys, with the intention of taking it to the band.
The more I played around the more I realised it could be great to make an album similar to bands I love like The Midnight and Chromatics. – Fleeting Persuasion

Fleeting Persuasion takes advantage of its rich sound to suggest a mood that is stays with the listeners long after the track is over. It takes us through a trip at midnight, not truly knowing our final destination, nor when it will end. Each instrument haunts us with every passing moment; the raspy guitar sings us a melancholic song as the distant keys fill the background with dreamlike sounds. Harrison’s vocals amplify the overall athmosphere of the track. A certain sadness can be found in his delivery in a strange way, comfort the listener, giving us through the lyrics abstract-yet-powerful images of a trip which may have ended too soon…

With each new release, Fleeting Persuasion shows how a sound can evolve, grow and expand. “Alone” is a new step in which he explores new, unknown directions. It is a preview of new, very intersting things to come!

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