College Elite – “Trouble”

“Trouble” is an autobiographical lofi indie rock tune with a laid back beat, raw sound and the perfect touch of nostalgia. Let “Trouble”s catchy hooks carry you throw a long drive… Listen right now to “Trouble“.

Welcome back everybody! It’s a pleasure to write for you again. Today, a very special new single from Manchester’s own, College Elite, has arrived and it truly is a sight for sore eyes. “Trouble” tells the story of one car journey College Elite’s Joshua William had with someone from the past.

This single is the follow up to College Elite’s EP The Way It Used To Be, released in June 2021, which in case you missed it, you can listen to right here: The Way It Used To Be. This time, Joshua returns a more laid back style, but with the conversational lyricism that has come to be expected from him.

Trying to keep his sound as raw and authentic as possible, the self-produced artist took this initially acoustic Pinegrove inspired track and turned it into something more stripped back:

I was listening to The Night Game a lot and loved the idea of doing a song like ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ but in my style. I liked the idea of building the instrumentation around a drum machine as well which is something I’ve never done before and when that came together I took a lot of inspiration from Bleachers with how to layer those 80s sounds” – College Elite

The ambience Joshua creates is one of nostalgia, with the use of fuzzy guitars, smooth pianos and drum machines, “Trouble” catches you in a musical haze of stories, catchy hooks and guitar solos.

Drawing inspiration from years of alternative rock music, College Elite takes from everything between early 90’s grunge to modern indie rock, giving his songs that warm, indie, raw vibe that we’ve come to love.

Trouble is a bit different from my last EP and I’m really excited about sharing this song. The Way It Used To Be is just my guitar and Ollie, my drummer’s drum kit. But there’s a few features in Trouble like the guitar solo, picking the drum samples and layering more varied instrumentation which is a new step for College Elite.” – Joshua William

Although “Trouble” lyrics are tense and earnest, its pop melodies and soft approach turns this track into an authentic lofi, indie rock experience.

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