JC & BENSLEY – “Lose It”

Get ready to lose it with this magnificent retro-vibed yet futuristic collaboration between two London greats. This single is a funky beat sure to make you dance all night. Spiky synths, hard hitting drums and bouncing rhythms that invite you to “Lose It“.

Yes, yes, yes, we can’t get enough of this funky old-school vibe! JC & Bensley, a prolific high-praised singer/songwriter and his fellow videographer and long-time friend, Ben Annesley, have teamed-up one more time to create this retro/futuristic, dystopian ride.

A lot of psychedelia and future wave can be found on the colorful video, and the dancing rhythms of the song remind us of funky pop gems from the 90s and the 2000s.

A “lyrical narrative on the unraveling of the known as the intuitive power of chaos becomes ever closer to the surface, interwoven with a driving unnerving electro-funk groove full of fast passing sonic headlights and close impacts” is how the duo describes their latest collaboration.

Growing up in the bohemian atmosphere of Londons Camden Town they have both always lived parallel to the mainstream and although they have shared many highs and lows as friends and the making of videos for JCs solo work, they haven’t made sonic art together…. before now.

“Lose It grew out of a driving music direction and a sense of global anxiety ramped up by the increasing restrictive powers applied in the last 2 years. The need to express that tension sonically, lyrically and visually and the journey that took us on led to the spontaneous arrival of Lose It. As the lyrics say ‘ Curtain twitchers making lists why they hate ya, stupid as dynamite.’

A fantastic tune that encompasses all that is needed for one hell of a trip to the inner mind. So, dance, dance to the beat and move to the groove in this visual and musical ride.

“Lose It will take you on a high octane, roller coaster ride full of near misses and tight corners. It’s Electro Funk Jazz at its rawest, full of undigested musical protein, get ready to Lose It” – JC & Bensley

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