“Gastown Man” is a delicious, funkadelic, smooth track that will make you sparkle with its groove. Walk the walk and talk the talk with Red Revel’s brand new single, listen now to “Gastown Man“.

Welcome back, oh you beautiful groovers! Today a super funky rhythm has flooded the web of Less Than 1000 with this silky smooth single by Red Revel, inspired by Saxon and a time spent in Vancouver, “Gastown Man” is a song you don’t wanna miss!

All the way from Australia, Sydney, Red Revel delivers their fourth single up-to-date after the release of “Funky Lemon”, “Frida Kahlo” and “808 Airfreight” (that we have here on release day). Just like its predecessors, “Gastown Man” carries a super funky beat with a walking bass that goes on for miles.

The use of rhythm guitars and swinging drums flows so smoothly, giving room for the clean soulful vocals, and even a saxophone melody, to pop out. So fresh, so groovy.

The lyrics are based on a real life story, as Red Revel’s Jon encountered a man on the streets of Vancouver asking for cigarettes:

“He was walking a menacing looking pitbull with a spiked silver collar, and was drinking a beer at 9:30 or so in the morning. It was raining and he wore a silver Addidas tracksuit and wore the hood over his head.” – Red Revel

This encounter later gave birth to the idea of a more embellished and dramatised character: “The Gastown Man”.

“One who struts along the sidewalk with a noticeable gait of swagger and confidence, wearing a cheap fur coat and smoking an even cheaper cigar hanging from dime-silver grilled teeth and a walking cane; he’s the Gastown Man.” – Red Revel

Watch out for the groove of the Gastown Man, and let your day be filled with funky rhythms and velvet smooth pace.

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