The Infinite Daisy Chains “Hope You Grow”

We’re glad to announce that Washington DC, United States-based indie dream pop band The Infinite Daisy Chains have released a new single, entitled “Hope You Grow.”

The Infinite Daisy Chains are Ian Dandridge (guitar, electronic music production, bass guitar, backing vox, synthesizers) and Kristina Westernik-Dandridge (vocals, violin, drum machines, electronic music production). Initially meeting at a garage rehearsal and tying the knot in marriage five years later, Ian and Kristina were inspired by their honeymoon in the Californian desert to combine their love for music by forming The Infinite Daisy Chains. Drawing their ideas from synthesizers, drum machines, and an array of live instruments, The Infinite Daisy Chains are also influenced by similar bands such as Slowdive, Warpaint, Beach House, Portishead, and Sade as they explore dreamy, reverb-drenched bedroom pop with a seemingly boundless sonic palette.

The duo have years of experience playing synthesizers and drum machines, as well as having produced and sound designed for clients such as, a music production platform for millions of creatives; and as The Infinite Daisy Chains, they’ve appeared on Ambition Radio Podcast and Nunar Magazine, as well as having been sponsored by Splice. They’re also collaborating with a NY Times Best Seller to create binaural beats/ isochronic tones for her voice over guided meditations, and are currently working on collaborations with Spaceface, a retro futuristic psych pop band based out of Los Angeles and Memphis.

“Hope You Grow” is a dreamy, melancholic indie pop song, and it’s the lead single from their upcoming EP to be released on October 22nd, entitled Between You and Me. The song was written, recorded and produced by The Infinite Daisy Chains in their bedroom studio; and it was mixed by Omar Yakar Jr. (Engineer for The War on Drugs, Warpaint) and Jake Ingalls (Spaceface), and mastered by Mike Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, KWKA).

Describing the songwriting process behind “Hope You Grow,” The Infinite Daisy Chains write, “‘Hope You Grow’ was initially formed by two different songs that merged together after several writing sessions. The hook in the chorus came about jamming before a Tame Impala concert back in 2019. We had drum machines looping, Ian was riffing on guitar, and Kristina came up with the line, ‘I hope you know, I hope you grow.’ We think the more upbeat nature in the chorus is a perfect contrast to the emotional lyrics and slow jam melodies of the verses. Our favorite ear candy aspects to the song is the kalimba in the intro and outro of the song, which was a wedding gift to us three years ago from our friend.

Lyrically, “Hope You Grow” is a compelling story about love/hate relationships that run the gamut of emotions like a rollercoaster–one minute you’re infatuated and enamored, while the next, you’re sorrowful and lamenting. Elaborating on the meaning behind the track, The Infinite Daisy Chains write, “‘Hope You Grow’ is exploring the idea of love/ hate relationships. For us, this was particularly dedicated to the ‘muse’ of music. The idea that creating music can be a love, but also getting to the finish line can be a difficult journey. However, we say that this song could be interpreted in many other ways as well such as the relationship between two people.” And for listeners unfamiliar with The Infinite Daisy Chains’ music, the duo say, “For first time listeners, this song is for fans of (FFO): Men I Trust, Beach House, Phantogram, Warpaint, Slowdive.

Residing between the meditative moods of downtempo and the expansive energy of dream pop, “Hope You Grow” begins with the echoing notes of a kalimba. Kristina’s airy vocals soon join in along with ethereal synths and sparse drumbeats to create a pleasantly dreamlike atmosphere. The driving yet laidback rhythms of a drum machine and bass guitar then set the track into a relaxed groove during the choruses, while acoustic guitar strums and reverb-laden electric guitar melodies complement the vocals rather well. An assortment of synth textures and a violin contribute to the track’s lush, evolving sound, while Ian’s echoing backing vocals add a nice touch towards the end of the track. “Hope You Grow” is quite an enjoyable listen, reflecting The Infinite Daisy Chains’ brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of dream pop and indie music alike.

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