Pearl Diver “Give It All Away”

It’s Autumn, well in northern hemisphere at least. With the shortening days and weather getting chillier by day, many people prepare in one way or another for the arrival of winter. At the same time, autumn is a perfect time to recollect yourself and connect with your spiritual side. And that’s what today’s single is all about!

Pearl Diver is a three-headed band based in Oxford, United Kingdom. The trio consists of singer-guitarist Matt Sage, bass player Josh Rigal and drummer Joel Bassuk, and together they create heartwarming chill indie rock sounds, laidback, calming and spiritually present in execution. Listening to their music feels a bit like attending a little intimate concert in a warm log house having a fireplace, and it’s winter outside. Stepping into the soulwarming light from the cold humid dark, the presence of something that assures you all will be ok.

Their newest release is a single called “Give It All Away“, a song that was born as a result of, and as a part of a spiritual experience encountered by chance in London:

“A group of Tibetan Buddhist monks had spent the previous few weeks in the gallery creating the most beautiful, intricate mandala using fine coloured sand. Measuring around two metres square, the work really was breathtaking, with sublime details, and created in a state of deep meditation and devotion.

A small crowd had gathered – myself included – to marvel at the detailed masterpiece and to witness the closing ceremony of the work. 8 of the monks carefully lifted the mandala onto their shoulders like pall-bearers, being very careful not to let any of the colours bleed into others, and we all processed from the gallery to a bridge over the Thames nearby.

Here, they held it high above their heads, and with chanting and prayer, tilted the mandala towards the river below, causing the sand to cascade into the wind and water in countless coloured streams.

It was an extraordinary feeling to witness all of this beauty be discarded so freely. The entire project had been created as a prayer to impermanence.”

The artist, deeply inspired by the experience, went on to begin with meditation practice, during which this single was born:

“I started writing this song on the retreat, from my hut over-looking the wild Atlantic. It explores the idea that our material existence is not who we really are, or all of who we are, and that what lies beneath the façade is our essential nature.

The opening line is “as amazing as it is, and it brings me to tears, this isn’t it”, which is pretty much how I feel about life. The realm of the senses is great, of course it is, but there is much more that lies beneath.

We recorded the song in a cottage I was renting in Wales, and it is the second single from Pearl Diver’s debut album, which will be released some time next year.”

Beginning with drum rolls like a light-hearted jazz tune, the song stirs up a lovely slightly hazy atmosphere, a stage for the singer’s deep and slightly throaty voice, and a window looking into life as it is. The song sways like a rocking chair, airy bassline and swirling guitar melodies create a lively yet very chill sound, feeling like I’m listening to a well-recorded live performance. It’s also impossible not to sway to the rhythm of this song.

“Give It All Away” is a lovely and quite certainly a needed change of note in the otherwise very much material world. When the listener ponders about feeling low, or the point of life, this song may perhaps not give a straight-forward answer, but it will lend a different perspective and shine a light on that path we choose to walk.

Have a nice day!

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