Avaraj “Outside Looking In” EP

Time to introduce a new debut EP and its creator, a fresh artist determined to reach out and help people. Here she is!

Avaraj, a singer-songwriter based in Atlanta, Georgia, creates melancholic, deep and introspective indie pop songs. Her lyrics go equally as deep, unravelling and processing all emotions and thoughts in her mind and creating some of the most relatable songs. Those of us seeking for solace and understanding vibes from music will find a lot of them in Avaraj’s releases, in addition to simply wonderful production and cinematic soundscapes.

The artist has already released a handful of singles with nightly sounds surrounding straight-in-the-act lyrics pinning down all those intrusive and pensive thoughts. The latest release was a somber “World so Cold“, which announced one more thing with its arrival. The debut EP!

The new EP is out now and it’s a 5-track release called “Outside Looking In”. Written around the time she felt alone, the songs give a firm look into everything that was going on in the artist’s life, like a bystander observing the happenings and drawing own conclusions from what they feel about it all. The EP features some of the first songs the artist had ever written, as well!

The album starts off with wavy guitar sounds introducing a fairly serious atmosphere, observing the events of seeing a friend being used by their family and remembering herself staying in toxic relationships. “Drift Apart” underlines the importance of setting boundaries. That’s followed by “Lost Hope” introducing more rnb vibes featuring a soft piano, and a realization of importance of hope, as without hope there is nothing for us to carry on with.

“Like Tattoos” springs in with twirling guitar notes with a latin vibe, expanding into a more upbeat song than the previous two. The lyrics in this rather short song look at social media and how it has distanced us from each other and made us lose touch with the reality and people close to us. The short and slightly jagged nature of the song sounds like being sucked into scrolling your social media feed. There’s some instant gratification, but it’s short and in the end it makes us feel empty.

Introduced with moody reverbing guitar notes, the single “World So Cold” steps up with a dark and raging atmosphere, reflecting on the feelings of a seemingly content person who feels alone with their struggles and stares down at disingenuity they feel coming in from others. That same song also has a Stripped version as the last track of the EP, featuring piano and her vocals and soon joined by a swell of symphony.

Serious and straight-forward, this release offers a lot of thinking material around the state of humanity for all of us. There aren’t many happy vibes to be found here, but for a listener who’s struggling with much the same things, it’s refreshing to hear what’s not served with what might feel like false positivity, and it’s very nice.

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