EMBLM – “Something To Believe In”

Something to Believe in” is the kind of song that would lift you up after a tough break. A brilliant composition by British producer, EMBLM. Listen now to his beautiful new single.

As the lockdown advances, there’s a little bit more light to be seen at the end of this tunnel. But we can’t take for granted or forget the struggles we’ve al been through, the battle has not been easy, yet we somehow managed to land on both our feet.

Unfortunately not everybody was able to stand their ground and some of us have been into some pretty dark places since all this started. Such was the case of EMBLM, a music producer from London, who found himself in the two darkest months of his life thus far: the lockdown of January and February 2021.

It seemed as if it would never end. As many will know, lockdown has been particularly tough on freelance creative types, particularly musicians. Our entire way of life was decimated, and many friends were forced to leave their lifelong pursuit of music. Something To Believe In covers many of the feelings felt during lockdown: anxiety, desperation, but ultimately, hope.” – EMBLM

Just as EMBLM intended, the song carries ultimately a lot of feelings of hope. With beautiful piano arrangements and a downtempo beat that flows ever so smoothly, the feelings of desperation and anxiety seem to feel less heavy. Added to that, EMBLM’s beautiful vocal arrangement takes you to an angelical place.

We encourage you to give it a listen and add it to your playlists, we promise you wont regret it.

I wrote this when we were in lockdown at the start of this year, around January/February. It’s actually about the spring before, when the pandemic first began, which was a very uncertain time for everyone; lots of people were very anxious. As a musician, my entire industry and way of life shut down, and there was nothing we could do except wait. It was really depressing at times, it felt like we were all in grieving somehow. A few people I know quit music altogether. Something To Believe In illustrates that sense of desperation, but is also a song of hope

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