Everything but the Everything “Blue Sun” featuring Olivia Barchard

We’re glad to announce that Oakland, United States-based indie rock band Everything but the Everything have released a new single featuring Olivia Barchard, entitled “Blue Sun.”

Everything but the Everything is the music project of Izzy The Gent (Israel Chavarin), who plays guitar and bass guitar, and has also appeared on The Confound Millenial podcast. Inspired by artists such as Cyndy Lauper, Best Coast, and Green Day, Izzy often works with other musicians on his releases, such as with vocalist Tobias Hawkins on his latest single, “Denials” (for which you can read our review here.)

On “Blue Sun,” Izzy collaborated with Olivia Barchard (vocals), Landon Cisneros (drums), Jimmy Chen (guitar), and Rex Shelverton (producer). “Blue Sun” came together at Rex’s place at Secret Studios in San Francisco. Izzy The Gent wrote the bassline and guitar parts, but needed something extra, so he called his friend Jimmy Chen who wrote the guitar lines for the verses. Olivia Barchard heard the demo and agreed to sing for the project, and then the drummer Landon Cisneros came in and tracked his parts under producer Rex Shelverton manning the boards.

All musicians who contributed to “Blue Sun” have experience in other bands as well. Olivia Barchard (vocals) has several music projects, including Breakdown Valentine, Venus In Arms, and Moon Museum (you can read our review of Moon Museum’s single “Pleasures of Peace” here, as well as our review of their single “With You” here and their single “Contraptions” here). Speaking about the collaboration with Olivia Barchard on “Blue Sun,” Izzy says, “Olivia and I have played shows together and shared several bills over the years in the San Francisco music scene. When I listened to Moon Museum’s recent release, I was floored. I had to reach out to her and ask if she would be interested in a collaboration. She agreed, and we got to work right away. She sent demo with all kinds of melody ideas and I quickly zeroed in on what I thought was the best lead into the verses and that was about it as far as my suggestions.The producer Rex Shelverton always mentions now whenever we get together how we need to get Oliva back into the studio.

Jimmy Chen (guitar) has played with The Hundred Days Landon, while Landon Cisneros (drums) plays with Spirit Mother and Zodiac Death Valley, and Izzy the Gent (bass, songwriter) has played with the Frail, Sporting Life, and Fake Your Own Death. “My friend Jimmy plays that wonderful guitar in the verses. I was going for some punk rock/green day thing that was just working and I reached out to him. Landon the drummer who also plays with Spirit Mother, came down and played drums for Blue Sun and Denials (featuring Tobias Hawkins) in the same session. I think each song took him an hour and a half, so three hours later we were on to the mix for both,” Izzy says. “Blue Sun” was produced by Rex Shelverton, who has experience on both the recording and performing side with the bands Vue and Bella Vista.

“Blue Sun” is introduced by powerful drum rhythms, before the first verse kicks off with a pleasantly shoegaze-textured guitar line and Olivia Barchard’s catchy vocal melodies, which are driven by the steady, propulsive rhythms of the bass and drums. During the uplifting choruses, the guitar takes on a sunny, shimmering tone, accompanying Olivia’s cheery vocals quite well. “Blue Sun” is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, demonstrating the brilliant songwriting and excellent musicianship of Everything but the Everything; I would highly recommend this track to fans of indie rock.

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