Kite Thief “Hindsight”

We’re glad to announce that Bristol, United Kingdom-based pop metal/alt metal band Kite Thief have released a new single, entitled “Hindsight.”

Kite Thief are a 5-piece metal band whose sound will appeal to fans of Bring Me The Horizon, Tonight Alive and Don Broco. Kite Thief have toured and gigged around the UK, playing with the likes of VUKOVI, Haggard Cat, the Fallen State and As Everything Unfolds; and their last single, “Sweepstake” (for which you can read our review here) has already solidified Kite Thief’s place in the scene, receiving great acclaim. Since being added to multiple Youtube and Spotify playlists, “Sweepstake” has garnered a total of almost 36,000 streams on those platforms alone.

Kite Thief’s latest single, “Hindsight” tells a story of a toxic relationship, one of a turbulent partnership full of confusion and poison, where two fragile egos are in a bubble full of tension that’s ready to burst at any moment. The two partners bite at each other’s tongues in spite of themselves, their time equally full of lust and pain and being unable to fully let go. In retrospect, there wasn’t one person to blame in the relationship; both partners were just as bad as each other.

Describing the songwriting process and backstory of “Hindsight,” Elin from Kite Thief says:

This song was written so long ago, possibly 2 years ago now and it used to sound so different. This is truly a song that has evolved with us, if you heard the original the only similarity really there is the ‘home’ hook in the chorus.

There were a few firsts in this song. 1- it was the first song that we wrote using one of Josh’s (guitarist) riffs and ideas (in fact, he is to thank for the catchy chorus melody!). 2- All guitars and bass for the track was done at home, DIY style. Because of COVID, studio time was few and far between – so, we improvised! And our amazing producer Joe Marsh helped us so much. And 3- although I (Elin) had written songs about this relationship before, I feel this is the first honest interpretation of the situation. Instead of writing about the pain, or the anger, it’s more of an admission of guilt for both parties that I had not fully admitted previously.

“Hindsight” is introduced momentarily by electronic synth effects, before the distorted guitar melodies take over, sustained by powerful drumming and deep bass notes. During the verses, the guitars take on a cleaner, reverb-laden tone that suits the reflective lyrics about the troubled relationship and highlights the impressive vocal melodies; while during the catchy, anthemic choruses, the distortion returns and underscores the lyrics about the importance of having an honest conversation. A chugging rhythm guitar drives the bridge to the second chorus, before the track concludes nicely with angular guitar riffs and equally edgy synths. “Hindsight” is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, demonstrating Kite Thief’s brilliant songwriting and excellent musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of pop metal and alt metal alike.

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