Arin “Obvious”

Arin drives up the tempo and gets ready to jam out with his audience with the help of the dance-ready single, ‘Obvious’.

A new face and sound in the music scene, Arin brings with him refreshing beats and melodies. Although his discography is still growing, it’s already clear there is one thing that will never be absent in his singles: the unrepeatable twists unique to him, which not only distinguish him but successfully show a new side to electronic pop music. 

Surrounded by mellow syths, energetic drums and intricate and intimate lyrics, this London based newcomer is making a name for himself and his heart-throbbing pop music. Alongside that, there’re his skills as a songwriter, making Arin set a standard for other up-and-coming rookies in less than a year since his debut. 

This time, the singer presents Obvious, a track born from a vocal sample and that quickly managed to become a complete and complex introspective on feelings of love. The song was created with the help of Arin’s flatmate, who took a part in writing and producing.

Following the release of his heartbreak bop, ‘We Look So Good’, Arin continues his exploration of relationships in Obvious, a pop-infused track that brings listeners back to the memories of when they fell for someone. 

The artist’s conversational songwriting skills are as present as ever, and this time they bring forth a discussion of which relationships are worth going through to the table. As it implicitly lays down the question of “Am I willing to do this, although I know how everything will unfold?”, Obvious dares to argue that perhaps there is no point to only going for the safe route, and instead proposes to try to enjoy someone’s company to the fullest regardless of that the final outcome might be. 

Throughout Obvious, there is a taste of helplessness that can’t be eliminated despite the relaxed vocals and the affection written in between the lines. Obvious is not a love song, yet it still expresses the desire to enjoy a relationship that you know won’t have a fairytale ending. Trapped in between the rational and emotional, Arin tells a story of a relationship doomed before it even began, and the tragedy of still giving it a chance for fear of regretting doing otherwise. 

Reminiscent of the popular group Owl City’s distinguishable melodies, Arin’s refreshing and modern pop beats bring with them a sense of peace and reassurance which make the listening experience even more enjoyable. Arin’s discography is one that will make people understand the meaning of “music is therapeutic” as they relax and enjoy the earnest love and dedication of the artist.  

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