Lia Nxieta “Good Boy”

Lia Nxieta steps away from her previous sound to show a more playful and alluring side of herself in ‘Good Boy’.

Since her debut in the first month of 2021, the young witch and singer-songwriter from Switzerland has begun her journey of healing through what can only be described as “sonic magic and vocal spells”. In her music, Nxieta defends love, gives cold-harsh reality checks about attention and attraction, and creates dreamlike moments. 

In her newest entry and third single, Good Boy, Lia Nxieta is once again collaborating with the talented producer Yoan Masao. Combining an R&B-influenced beat with sensuality and liberty, the artist is ready to spice up the music scene with her single. 

Good Boy is, on a larger scale, about emancipation. The song is primarily a sexual anthem that details some of Nxieta’s experiences and preferences, and the sensuality derived from the instrumental and the lyrics is thought provoking, an incentive to celebrate one’s own sexual liberation or to set the mood. When talking about the single, the artist highlighted the importance of being honest and not beating around the bush in regards to how explicit the track would be. 

“(As) I have the freedom to talk about my point of view and experiences, I don’t want to miss out on that. I wanted it to be as close to my truth as possible. I also wanted it to stay light and playful as my former two singles were rather heavy on the heart. To me this song is less about the sexual act itself as it is about the relationship between me and Good Boy. It’s supposed to be fun and liberating and give you some wild thoughts of course.” 

By centering a song around the connection between her and the other individual, aptly mentioned as “good boy”, the emotional and freeing aspect of having such a relationship shines over the sexual acts themselves. In this way, although it stays explicit, Good Boy quickly goes from being yet another song about sex (though, it must be stated there’s nothing wrong with songs centered around it) to a statement of empowerment and freedom. As Nxieta takes away the “taboo” of being explicit, she is celebrating herself and others who experience the same type of autonomy this way. 

Accompanied by a music video featuring friends and nature, the true message and intention behind Good Boy becomes clearer. The video showcases gracefulness and glam within its refined style and the clothes being worn by both the artist and her friends, and even then it still maintains a frisky and playful vibe that is also found in the track itself. 

With Good Boy, the promising pop singer demonstrates a more lighthearted side to her music and celebrates her femininity at the same time. 

Lia Nxieta is set to release her first EP by the end of the year, in which she will deliver more of her smooth vocals and captivating songwriting, ready to increase the light that shines on her. 

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