Female Rising Stars Trisha and Thara “Regrests” How many times do we regret things we did or did not do, either out of fear or something else?…If I have learned something it is that when that happens, and one regret, there is no going back, and sometimes it is too late to solve things or do them the way we wanted them to happen, and when it comes to love or friendship, it is more difficult, that’s why this new song gives us an example of the regrets and heartbreaking that comes after not having thought things through.

This is their first lyric video by Trisha and Thara.

Ever that person that you thought was special, failed you? And when he realized it was too late? Then you will feel identified with this beautiful song, which I think is a job very well done, not only because of what the lyrics say but also because of the combination of their voices sound very good together, the contrasting section in the production, building up in the chorus and again in the bridge, bring out a feeling of cathartic relief also found in the lyrics, their vocal performances are impeccable and that makes the song have a certain emotion.

I mean, not for nothing Trisha and Thara already has more than 14 000 views on Spotify, these sisters are full of talent and they make it notice, it is a modern indie style, that even if you do not feel identified with the song, listening in the background on the road or at home is perfect because of how pleasant their voices sound.

 As soon I heard it, I couldn’t help but imagine it as a background song in a movie scene, right in the scene of two people going through that situation

But not only do you have to stay with the sad part of that, if not, see the positive side of regretting something, many times even if it is painful, as the song says “one has to move on” so we realize if where we are is a reciprocated move or not.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and I hope in the not-so-distant future, to hear another great song by these talented sisters.

Trisha and Thara ust two years apart at 13 and 15 years old, the teens have an open and respectful relationship on their music creation. The voices which align perfectly with contemporary pop, grasp you with their unique vocal textures and cohesive rich harmonies.

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