Jem Doulton “The Cows Came Home”

You’re probably not ready to hear what this title will sound like. : )

Prolific is quite possibly the most proper term to describe Jem Doulton, a British musician who has been playing for a large number of diverse acts through his music career. Touring as a drummer with a band, getting involved in many genre-spanning music projects and writing songs for others, he has done that all. Through the years he has met and worked with many wonderful and inspiring artists, and the load of influence coming from them trickles into Doulton’s own solo project in the form of collaborations. Many, many collaborations with a number of great artists.

The music of Jem Doulton is, as you could perhaps expect at this point, very diverse in its sound, yet it surpasses any expectations and builds itself up into a colossal form of art. Thoroughly psychedelic, sometimes terrifying, insanely layered and never dull, each of his songs walk into another world to meet what you haven’t met before in such a form. There are 5 of those intricate worlds previously released, among them is a twirling “The Roam“, a colorful carnival within a single. And if you would love to learn more about the artist and his music, and you like reading interviews, then we have two of them: “My Brain’s In My Skin” and “Perfect Picture“. The released songs will soon come together to form the debut album of Jem Doulton… Plenty of anticipation flowing in the air!

The journey continues with the sixth single that dropped just recently over the weekend – “The Cows Came Home“. Opening with near-cosmical surreal sounds echoing in intoxicating fog, this journey was brought into existence with the help of Ben Doulton on guitar and Kevin Toublant making his bass and the Moog sing. What began slowly, steadily building up what I would call a seductive affair though a drunk haze of mezcal, then explodes into a triumphant chorus of ecstatic synth and guitar riffs glitching and distorting in the dripping soundscapes. It sure feels like an alternate universe built upon a chaotic yet well-arranged set of rules, with pleasure and stimulation of senses being the main focus. Melodies that feel almost familiar, drums bringing in that sweet influx of energy making you go all “holy god!” and an atmosphere dense with happenings, there’s a lot to love in this single.

Sixth out of 12 total, “The Cows Came Home” is at halfway point and offers quite a wonderful and memorable listening experience. And when I listen to his other singles, they also offer unique and imaginative sounds, making Jem Doulton’s discography one which is definitely worth listening through in its entirety. Especially when you’re a sucker for anything ranging from psychedelic genres, art rock to experimental music.

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