One And A Half Dog – “Shine”

Marvelous 70s, 80s inspired prog-rock with a modern sound. Brilliant composition and delivery. “Shine” is really a song that inspires beauty, grace and complexity. Listen right now to One And A Half Dog’s new single.

Hello again, and welcome to this humble blog where we deliver to you fresh music on a daily basis. Sometimes on our music quests we stumble upon some really top-notch bands that shine in their own way. One And A Half Dog is one of them.

A five piece band from Norway that started out as an inside project with no intentions to gig or even be promoted. A band created as a retirement plan, as all members are well-grown men (age 44 – 56) and wanted to make enough good songs for a vinyl LP for the members of the band to enjoy when retired.

But soon they realized, as they launched their two first songs in 2019, that there were a lot of people interested to hear their work! Their debut single, “Fire In The Hole” has now reached over 100K streams on Spotify…

“Shine” is their new single and it really rocks! Although their previous singles have been compared to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Tool among others, the band finds it hard to really describe their sound, as they don’t want to be put in any genre.

What is true, though, is that in “Shine” I was able to hear several instances that reminded me of Serj Tankian’s (System Of A Down) voice, guitars that I associated to Lamb Of God, specifically the one on the intro, and choruses that lifted me up and threw me back to the great Power Metal bands of old.

With that said, “Shine” is truly one of a kind and it shows the level of skills and mastery the members have! Something to look up to!

We get our inspiration way back from the 70s and up to acts of today as Rival Sons and Tool.

The song is about the fear of being buried among strangers in a graveyard far away from your homeground when you wish that your soul should be present and “Shine” among your loved ones on familiar grounds.” – OAAHD

As for the band’s name, well, there’s an actual story behind it. A couple of the band members are dog owners. The lifetime of a dog is about 10 years and when they first got together and planned for their “retirement-album” they decided to give themselves 15 years to finish the album. During the discussion their singer Dag Aure said: “15 years… thats about one and a half dog”.

“We all looked at each other and laughed. One and a half Dog! That has got to be the name of our project!!!” – OAAHD

OAAHD are:

-Dag Aure – Vocals
-Morten Stene Jensen – Guitar
-Lars Nielsen – Guitar
-Pål Robert Akseth – Bass guitar
-Inge Lerstad – Drums

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