Fierce, wicked and full of haunting melodies. An attempt to escape from all the bad things that consume us. Heavy, melodic, and raw. Listen right now to The Infinity Process‘ new single: “Sinister“.

Hello, everybody and welcome back! It’s my pleasure to be back here with you, ready to start a new week. That means new reviews, new artists and new music! So, let’s get to it! Today we have the new single from Ohio, USA, The Infinity Process. Wicked name!

A band influenced and inspired by acts such as Evanescence, Helmet, Deftones, Tool, and Mudvayne, has turned things up to 11 and delivered an outstanding composition filled with sick guitar riffs, heavy drums and beautiful vocal melodies; scorching screams are on the menu too!

Created by Kimberly Tingley (Vocals), Jason Tingley (Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals), and Brent Gfell (Drums), this Toledo based band has shared the stage in supporting roles for Sponge, Helmet, Trapt, We Are Harlot, and Madame Mayhem. They were also a finalist in the 2018 Next2Rock contest in the Toledo, Ohio market on 94.5 WXKR. Sick!!

“Sinister” is a song inspired by the lack of quality communication and decline in empathy that we perceive to be on the rise in our daily lives. It’s about being manipulated, consumed, or controlled by something, and not even being fully aware of it! Being unable to escape any type of vice that has control of you. I say, goddamn!

For me, the best part turns up around minute 3:12, after a long bridge of delayed vocals, melodic guitar lines and laid back beat… Here then comes the sick drop!

Here’s some commentary on the song from the band itself:

Our song “Sinister”, is about attaching yourself to someone or something that you believe in or idolize, and not realizing in the moment that the thing you adore is toxic and dangerous, despite people around you trying to warn you. It also hints at the lack of compassion that is present in the world today.

Our sound is very versatile, combining melodic and hard-hitting rock instrumental tones with soaring and dynamic female vocals. First time listeners should expect to run the full hard-rock spectrum with us.” – TIP

So there you have it my friends, soaring, blasting, and haunting hard-rock for you to delight upon.

“Sinister” was recorded at The Chinchilla Lair. Produced and engineered by Jason Tingley and mastered by Nick Burchall @ Audio Animals. Music Video Director: Digger Pierce – HiveMind Films: Digger Pierce and Brent Gfell . Cover Art: Derek Magrum/Stay-Tuff.

You can find TIP on InstagramFacebookTwitterTikTok, SoundCloudYouTube, and Spotify.   You can also check out their official website.  If you enjoy their music and are able to provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp.

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