Nadia Moon “You Remind Me”

Filled with joyous symphony of jazz-inspired sounds, this song you’re about to hear is nothing short of simply wonderful. A real treat waiting to be discovered and added to your Chill Vibes playlists!

This time we take a mental trip to Britain, home country of a promising artist Nadia Moon. She found the inner musician spark at the age of four when she started playing keys by ear and grew up developing an own signature sound full of influences crossing decades and genres. Nadia’s journey so far has seen a solo performance career featuring acoustic guitar and stripped vocals. About two years ago Nadia got into the magical world of full band work and she has spent the last 18 months writing brand new music.

“My music/writing style is pretty much about taking influence from my favourite artists and genres, such as old-school motown (say Diana Ross, Three Degrees etc) and jazz (i.e. Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra era), as well as newer/modern jazz artists (eg the likes of Norah Jones and Melody Gardot) and presenting it in a modern, catchy way.”

Nadia Moon

Today, Nadia Moon is ready to start releasing her new works, starting with a wonderful and truly feel-good tune “You Remind Me“. Chilled and full of lovely melodies, this song feels so cozy and joyful it takes the listener straight to a warm Saturday evening at an intimate venue with a live band playing on stage. The distinct jazzy atmosphere surrounds her lush and pure vocal performance and the added sparkle from brass instruments. And when the guitar solo comes in, it’s a delight on its own in this layered and delicately formed dessert of the evening.

“I wrote it in the midst of lockdown, craving the outside world and normality as a whole (as everyone was) and just went from there! But then I also incorporated the fact of missing seeing certain people I hadn’t seen in a very long time, even pre-lockdown, and reminiscing the good times spent together etc and it just seemed to inspire me with this track!

So as a whole, it’s a melange of missing of the general good feels when stuck in a vicious cycle of dreariness and using those good thoughts to get on through!”

Nadia Moon

“You Remind Me” is an awesome song and the fact it’s just the beginning of the new journey for Nadia Moon just makes it all so much more exciting. Great full-bodied work of art for anyone searching for new jazzy vibes or otherwise chill tunes. The song is loaded with gorgeous sounds making it a sweet companion for relaxing or little get-togethers, or basically anything you can imagine enjoying its lively sound!

Let this song be the reminder that life is beautiful. : )

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