Night Talks “Overcome”

Night Talks is back and ready to heal and groove with their hit of the summer, ‘Overcome’.

After a four year break from releasing music, Night Talks are stepping back into the scene with the same passion they held during their debut in 2017 with their album, ‘In Dreams’.  Since then, The Los Angeles born-and-bred band have only stepped up their game, bringing new and improved versions of their characteristic shimmering guitars, mesmerizing bass and drum, and simultaneously soft and razor-sharp vocals. 

This time, the alternative rock band has commenced teasing the sound of their upcoming sophomore album, ‘Same Time Tomorrow’, with a feel good track that focuses on the promise of a happier future after enduring pain. 

Focusing on the dissolution of friendships, Overcome sheds light on a pain unique to a friend breakup. The importance of friendship and longtime platonic companions in one’s life is undeniable, and these relationships deserve to be talked about more in music. As such, Night Talks opts to focus on the mixture of pain and weirdness that comes from no longer associating with a friend, whether it was on good or bad terms.

Sometimes you grow out of friendships or grow apart,and sometimes you realize that the friendship isn’t serving either person in a positive or healthy way. At the end of the day, things did turn out okay. The pain is not permanent and it is impossible to overcome the hurt and weird feelings that come from losing a friend,” shared the lead vocalist, Soraya.

The highly addictive and danceable instrumentals hide the negative emotions that are being sung, juxtaposing the idea of wanting to stay for longer (the feel good, positive rhythm) with the inability to go back in time to when things were better. Yet, later on in the song, the depressive feeling lurking beneath the track goes away as moving on happens, and it becomes a celebration of overcoming a depressive state, and perhaps symbolizes the good memories we’re left with once we look at the situation clearly.

The music video, which is as colorful and vibrant as the song itself, is a new skill Night Talks is presenting to the world. The band decided to step up their game and take over the music video production as well; from filmmaking, to styling and set decoration, the members took full control in order to achieve their vision. 

Much like the potential and unnerving numbness felt after a friendship is broken, the music video begins in more on a monotone note, with a white background and minimal color of the frame — the only exception being the splashes of black originating from the band’s clothing, a stylistic choice that can be taken as previous negative emotions. As the song progresses and the bouncy synths take control of the listener’s body and rhythm, we are able to witness more colors on set. The same set sees different props, with each take focusing on a separate vibrant color and featuring outfit changes as well. 

In the end, the rainbow-reminiscent imagery and the trippy shots featuring Soraya being vulnerable are a complete visual representation of the joy the song’s melody brings to listeners. The usage of color and its gradual implementation on the music video are akin to completing the healing process; Overcome encompases the meaning of technicolor and gives an adequate reintroduction to Night Talks. 

Night Talks at The Lyric Theatre

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