Omnipresent” is an indie/garage rock tune with lots of psychedelia that is sure to make you boogie-woogie with its 60s vibed style. A danceable song with very enlightened lyrics. Listen right now to “Omnipresent”.

Good morning, evening, night my beautiful international friends. I am very, very thrilled today ’cause the Unicorn Head is back! I mean, just by their name itself I feel attracted to listen and follow them, and the fact that their music is awesome just makes things better!

After releasing their very first single “Eating Cornbread In Quarantine”, which has been reviewed in over a dozen blogs (Less Than 1000 included), was featured in the Sept issue of PROG magazine, both on the cover CD, and inside, and ALSO surpassed the “Less Than 1000 Streams” on Spotify in only just nine days… this alt/indie, math rock band is back with yet another banger.

“Omnipresent” is a fun, garage-psychedelic track with great rhythm, high-pitched vocals and fuzzy bass. Lyrics are psychedelic, surreal and dreamlike, leaving a lot of room for the listeners to put their own interpretation on them.

Here’s what the band’s got to say about their new single:

“‘Omnipresent’ is a modern take on 60’s Garage Rock/Psych. We created the song by sharing music files back and forth across the Atlantic. The song originated with the brooding and aggressive bass line, and we built the rest of the song around that. We wanted to lift the song from a basic garage rock groove, so we added an unusual, psychedelic leaning lyric, to add a bit of mystery and interest!” – IATUH

So there you have it! There’s a lot of fun to be had while listening to “Omnipresent”, and if you haven’t checked out our review of their first single you can do it right here!: Eating Cornbread In Quarantine.

You can find IATUH on InstagramFacebookTwitterSoundCloudYouTube, and Spotify.  If you enjoy their music and are able to provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp.

It also helps to stream and share their music; you can obviously find it in the following Playlists: Less Than 1,000 FollowersFresh SinglesIndie OnlyAlterindie State Of Mind, and Sickest & Dopest.

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