Jiva “Haim”

Life is good at throwing plenty of obstacles on our way as we try our best pottering about through the days. A sudden departure, health problems or any other major change no-one asked for can really bring darkness into your life. Today’s artist knows exactly how this feels and has written a song seeking to heal us and guide to the right path to enlightment.

Born in Ukraine and now living in Israel, composer and singer Jiva Taranenko joined forces with rock musician Dmitri Dubrov, uniting genre-crossing influences with strong spiritual messages. Deep and evocative electronic vibes with a hint of moody trip-hop, soulful trickle of ethnic music and an endless source of inspiration for the lost ones. Jiva writes music in Hebrew and you will not have to know the language to understand the message:

“Music is the universal language of the soul. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what language the song is written in, if it gets into the heart”


Jiva’s freshest release is a single named “Haim” (“Life” in Hebrew). Written in 2 parts during the time the artist battled depression, this song takes on the meaning of living this life and the importance of concentrating on what’s right. Beginning with a serious tone of determination, the slow poignant piano melody takes place with the soft, pure and emotional vocals. The short swell of strings in the background brings forth a sudden triumphant expansion with the driving force of electric guitar and percussion, reminiscent of Massive Attack. The realization of the magic of living, standing taller than any of the sadness and despair experienced and charged with vital energy, this song may be serious yet at the same time it’s an anthem for life and living it yourself.

“Haim” has wonderful production, the cinematic sound brings Jiva’s beautiful voice out in all of its glory. The whispery vocals running along with her voice feels like the presence of another creature, perhaps the spirit seeking to speak to her. Running for almost 3 minutes, this song is packed with so much good energy, a wonderful treat, and I feel it’s a need-to-hear especially for those of us battling with sadness and depression from stacked negativity.

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