For all those loves that were forced to be separated, for all those forbidden loves, here is a song that I think will fascinate you. 

I think we all know the famous story of Romeo and Juliet. Well, it’s what Presley Duyck did with this song called Juliet, but it gave a different twist, another twist to the story. It is still a young love, yes, but as I mentioned before, this love is not well reciprocated, sometimes you do want to realize the things that are happening because now it is well said that when you are in love you do not sometimes see what happens around, and it is just what the song says that happens to Juliet.

Yes, there is indeed nothing like young love, is one of the most beautiful, but it can also be one of the most painful, and I think it is something that I liked the most about the song, which Presley managed to put and transmit, the romantic part but also that part as a drama because there are people who can identify themselves, either like this Juliet that the song tells us about.

Can we talk about the part of the melody? Not only is it catchy, but also when you hear it you know or feel that a story is going to come out from there, and I liked that a lot, I feel that it connects and fits very well with everything, the lyrics, the style, and the story it tells. It is an indie-pop style and the extra sounds that are heard in the background make it stand out more like a romantic/ dramatic adventure style.

Never cling to a person, and less when they are not reciprocated in the same way, when things are not going well, however painful it may be, you have to get away from there, remember that always love, be it between a couple or a friendship, you have to add, not subtract.

In the artist own words:  “Many people know what it’s like to fall for someone that other people in your life don’t approve of. In the song, I wanted to tell a story of the heartbreak, but also the hope that they can find their way back to each other in the end. I was rooting for them to reunite for a happy ending to their love story!”

Without more to say, run now to listen and sing as I have done since I heard it, and remember that it does not matter if you are like Juliet or more like a Romeo, that right person will arrive, always comes.

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