A romantic/chilled song about finding love in the most unsuspecting place: A bus stop. These fine young boys from Birmingham, UK, are about to make a statement and put themselves in the references of Britpop and Indie-rock. Take a deep breath, get comfortable and ready yourself to listen to what The Mood has got to offer. Listen right now to “The Bus Stop Song“.

It is almost Friday, my sweet children, things are starting to get a weekend vibe. And, also, an October vibe! Heck yes. So let’s give a proper goodbye to September with The Mood’s brand new single.

“The Bus Stop Song” tells the love story between The Mood’s frontman/songwriter Dan and his girlfriend Sophie (aaaw). The song is about the irony that they found love in an unpicturesque inner city setting, as opposed to the typical fairytale environment.

This single is The Mood’s third release, being Ultimate Indie Disco and Daisypicker the first two. Which we also covered right here on Less Than 1000 Followers.

It’s a very chill and warm song to say the least, no drums, only a tambourine and a shaker that continue to grow throughout the song. Vocals remind me of The Arctic Monkey’s golden era, accompanied by simple but complementing guitars and a shy but solid bass that lurks on the background. Bells, synths and pads are hidden pretty well as some extra details, but if you open your ears you’ll be able to distinguish them.

The song was produced by legendary song-writer and producer Jonny Amos; and their planning to release five more singles, with an 8 week space between them. Also, they have an EP on the horizon.

A lot can be (and will be) expected of this young band, but I’m quite sure that whatever they deliver will be rock-solid good.

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