A brutal delivery of desperation cloaked by a beautiful voice and music. You don’t wanna lose sight of this new alternative outfit from London, UK. Vibrant, aggressive, and all around innovative, this new single by Arliston will make your hidden feelings arise in awe. Listen right now to “Center“.

That’s it fellas, I hope you can tell by the intro that this is single is really something special! But first of all, let me welcome you back to Less Than A 1000 Followers, your favorite music blog. I hope your having a great day already, ’cause guess what, it’s about to get better!

This British trio are coming to take over the world. A trio comprised of three very different individuals with very different musical backgrounds, ranging from metal to indie! Jordi, Jack and George together create an amalgamation of alt-pop that will refresh your ears and make you say “wow… ok!”.

“Center” is very ear-opening, in the sense that you’re expecting something to happen but then the whole contrary occurs. The beat flows from soft melody to hard-hitting emotion. The soft piano and vocals lure the unsuspecting listener, only to find themselves caught in an emotional rampage of frustration and solitude.

But it’s not all sadness, the composition and production are really something to look out for. The sound is very refined, in its place, and to the point. Truly a masterful performance by both the band, the mixer, and the producer!

This single marks the first step towards their upcoming EP and it also comes with a very accurate music video starring Gee Hirst (Torvi in the Vikings series). You will see the slow development of anger, loneliness and frustration.

“Centre is a song about getting your priorities wrong and subsequently having to sacrifice something precious.” – Arliston

Here’s some insight into the production of “Center”:

“It was the first song we worked on with Bo Morgan (from the band, Teme) as producer. Working with someone else was a TOTALLY different experience. Suddenly, you’re accountable not just to yourself and the people you are comfortable with, but someone new, who you have to justify every idea to. This new dynamic made the songwriting much, much tidier and more streamlined. There were no longer two or three arpeggiators or synth pads that would run through the whole song, clogging it up and taking away all the (super important) negative space. Instead, we ended up with something clear and concise, and we think one of the best things we’ve produced to date!” – Arliston

We can see new heights coming for this fine gentlemen and hope you enjoy this single as much as we did.

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