Brighton based musician and producer Doctor Payne releases an unconventional rock track that tickles Psychedelic and Progressive Rock. A musical journey through one of the most paradoxical human emotions: “Guilt“.

Welcome back to your favorite musical blog! I’m pleased to announce that today is finally Friday! And to start the weekend right we bring you a very interesting single by this amusing British composer. I’m talking about Marlon Payne, AKA Doctor Payne, a young artist from Brighton who’s been making and playing music since his teen years.

After separating from his previous punk band, A-M-I in 2016, Payne wanted to replace his missing passion with a more complex and musical approach to satisfy his creative needs. After taking a multi-instrumental approach and recording a demo with Elastika and Ash producer, Marc Waterman, Payne reunited with ex-bandmates to take the stages and continue to pursue his love for live music.

Doctor Payne targets the theme of mental peace in a chaotic world, and his first single “Guilt” is about transformation, and “the sometimes unseen differences between internal thoughts and outward expression“.

Starting with a skipping piano that delivers complex melodies and rundowns here and there, the song then turns into an emphatic rock extravaganza. High gain guitars and fat drums take the first row while driving bass and Payne’s voice show up in support. Unexpected chromatic descents lead to some kind of modulated pre-chorus, only to deliver a fantasy-like piano passage that throw us back into the verse… Very unconventional indeed!

That being said, Doctor Payne’s musical proposal is something to keep an eye on, and this first single carves the path to his debut album.

Here are some words from the Doctor himself about “Guilt” and what can we expect from it:

“When I started this song I was really just letting it come together as naturally as I could. It was one of those tunes that writes itself, only over a long period of time. People around me have heard the song and jokingly asked what I’m guilty about. The truth is the words aren’t about an event but rather the condition of guilt generally. I’ve always thought it’s interesting how rarely someone can anticipate when or why they will feel guilt, until they feel it. The artwork is intended to fit in with it too. I wanted to use white because to me it shows vulnerability. Not having any clothes on had me feeling that way during the shoot too.

As to what listeners should expect- I tend to write without holding back. If I’m going for rock It’ll be rock, metal will be metal and jazz would be jazz (one day maybe), though I will often pull in influence from something obscure too. I have the idea in my head for what I want a song to sound like, and I am a total perfectionist in recording. You can trust that it’s got my approval at least if it’s been released. Big, loud, punchy, dancey, experimental, catchy” – Marlon Payne

Such a nice vision! We wish Doctor Payne all the success in the world and we hope to continue presenting his music to you as soon as it’s available. Till next time!

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