It is incredible what a person can do with a simple chord, with an instrument, or a simple phrase, sometimes it does not take much to create great songs, and if you listen to the following song to will know what I mean, it is called “In The Dark There’s Gold” by Flaming June, the third single part of her upcoming album “Hope In A Jar” due to be release November 05th 2021 you can pre-order now!!!

Just as there are songs that make us dance, there are also songs that we play when we feel sad or in some other mood, and if you have different playlists, I think this song would be perfect on the playlist with a calm mood. Because it talks about the fact that sometimes no matter how dark the path where you are, there will always be something to move forward with, but also that it is valid to pause and feel lost, because only by getting lost in the end can we find ourselves. Even here she refers to that in her own words: “So this is a sad song – written in the darkest of winters – at the point when maybe you might have felt a glimmer of something, a turning point.”

Something that I liked a lot is that when one thinks that the song will be all quiet, suddenly there comes a part where the voice goes but a louder melody appears accompanying the piano and guitar that are heard from the beginning of the song, that’s when I mean that it doesn’t take much to make a song, maybe we don’t know with certainty how this song came out, but in the end, we realize that the few phrases that the song has, and that simple melody achieved to make this a great song.

I believe that there is nothing more incredible than music, the power that a song has to make us vibrate differently, at different times, even later, music can be our best company and that someone picks up an instrument and starts singing or writing about what they feel is a great talent and the fact that they want to share it with the world is even more admirable, so I insist that you take the time to listen to this song and add it to your playlist, it’s worth it.

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