Cities in Dust “Vanishing Anarchist”

We’re glad to announce that Reading, United Kingdom-based indie rock band Cities in Dust have released a new single, entitled “Vanishing Anarchist.”

Cities in Dust are Ady Baker (vocals), Jim Dorney (bass), Billy ‘Smile’ Imrie (guitar), and Leo Brown (drums). Formerly known as The Ady Baker Sound, Cities in Dust’s current band name came about during the post-Brexit period; the band was inspired by the The Good, the Bad & The Queen’s lyric, “on this stroppy little island with mixed up people,” feeling that it captured the dystopian mood of the time, made succinct by the Siouxsie and the Banshees’ song title. Cities in Dust play a potent mix of indie rock that is punctuated by a wide range of genres, such as hip-hop, electronica, punk, and psychedelia. “Someone at a gig once told us it sounded like baking a cake in your ear holes”, says frontman Ady Baker, “with different musical ingredients blending together in a unique way.” Cities in Dust have been playlisted on BBC Music Introducing, and they’ve played gigs with the likes of Idles, Rozi Plain and Willie J Healey, as well as supporting Steve Mason, Dodgy and Jesus Jones on their tours.

Cities in Dust’s latest single, “Vanishing Anarchist,” is about what Mark E Smith might have called ‘arms control poseurs.’ The song title was inspired by a reference in the memoirs of Stephen Morris from New Order; but the track refers to people who are very vocal about politics and position themselves as activists, yet never back up their stances with action–and in fact run away at the first sign of trouble. Describing the sound of “Vanishing Anarchist,” Cities in Dust write, “Vanishing Anarchist is a melting pot of lots of different flavours like most of our songs. We each play our part. The vocals combine Ady’s characteristic ear for a memorable melody with telling a contemporary story of woe in modern Britain. I’ll let you work out who it’s a homage to! The bass and drums lay down a funk swagger foundation with some African inspired flourishes in places. The guitar is both abstract and tuneful and there are some synth and organ parts that add blues and soul elements alongside a bit of an orchestral motif in the coda for good measure…

“Vanishing Anarchist” was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Whitehouse Studios in Reading, and was released by Musical Bear Records on October 1st, 2021. The band will also return to the stage on October 30th 2021 at the Heavy Pop & Dork mag all-day party, ‘Beat Connection,’ at South Street Arts Centre, Reading, on the same bill as Jane Weaver, Animal House, The Lounge Society, and many more.

“Vanishing Anarchist” begins with eerie electronic sounds and propulsive drum rhythms. A groovy bassline soon joins in along with Ady Baker’s impressive vocals for the first verse, while echoing synth notes harmonize quite well with the bass. The track’s choruses are highlighted by effects-laden lead guitar licks, and a tambourine later adds nicely to “Vanishing Anarchist”’s catchy rhythms; while space-like synth effects create a pleasantly otherworldly atmosphere throughout the track. “Vanishing Anarchist” is quite an enjoyable listen, showcasing Cities in Dust’s brilliant songwriting and excellent musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of indie- and alternative rock alike.

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