Ellie Madeland “Out of Nowhere”

Have you ever gone on a walk when it’s late and everything is covered in fog? That quietness that envelopes everything seeps into your soul and silences all thoughts. The feeling of smallness, yet it strangely offers comfort. This debut single you’re about to hear sounds a lot like one of those chill foggy nights.

Swedish-born and now living in UK, Ellie Madeland is a singer-songwriter from the synthpop duo Island Empire. Her father who recognised the artistic inkling in young Ellie, taught her songwriting and how to play guitar and piano. Growing up, the budging artist went on to study in Film and Music program and then, in 2015, moved to UK to learn more about acting and directing, also taking the change to immerse in the local music scene. Singing in Island Empire and a dream-pop band Emergent Minds was what she did until the unforeseen events in 2020 brought band activity and performances to a halt.

But as they say, when one door closes, another opens, and Ellie soon began working long-distance with a producer Gentle William, a man who has worked with The Whiskey Priest, Sophie McIntosh and Junkboy. Their first track began as an unfinished instrumental idea sat dormant on Gentle William’s laptop until Ellie heard it:

“Gentle William and I met online right at the beginning of the London Covid-19 lockdown. He sent me this dreamy, ambient, electronic instrumental track that I absolutely fell in love with. I wrote the lyrics and vocal melody in one sitting. I felt so inspired by the music, it felt personal, and so I was able to write a story that I felt really connected to.”

Ellie Madeland

That song became Ellie’s debut single titled “Out of Nowhere“, named in reference to how the most beautiful things can sprout from seemingly nothing when the situation is just right. Essentially a loving reference to how the song came to be, and that love and spark of creativity glows throughout the song. Another element that immediately stands out is the time-stopping quality, that stillness of the stopped world. With all the buzz silenced, the feelings and sounds usually hidden became audible, echoing in the endless quiet. Vinyl crackle and low notes so deep you can feel them in the bottom of your skull offer an interesting combination. Dripping with emotion, her pure voice form infectious harmonies with the instruments.

Introspective, clear like a cold stream before it becomes the river, and heavily emotive, this song sounds plenty like trip-hop artists like Dutch and Glen Porter, whilst keeping its own lane. The melodies and slowness stripping the feelings of its masking layers also remind me of psyche-folk acts such as Dave Bixby. And when it feels a bit like being in a small room at first, the walls begin to melt away, revealing a different atmosphere inviting to come and get lost into.

“That was the beginning of our collaboration. We have since been working together, entirely online (we have still to this day never actually met in person), but we have managed to collaborate on several tracks that will be released throughout the year(s), and that will lead up to an album release in 2022.

Just like our debut single “Out of Nowhere”, our tracks are a mix of alternative, electronic, indie music, and you can expect both darker and lighter songs from us in the future.

We hope you enjoy what we have created.”

Ellie Madeland

I definitely enjoyed it!

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