Stay for Tomorrow- “Non Applicable (Na Na)”

Stay for Tomorrow has released a new single “Non Applicable (Na Na)“: a heavy alt rock track that invites the listener to rise against the failings system and go against the orders from the dominating classes. Loud, raw and angry, Stay for Tomorrow injects adrenaline directly to our veins, filling us with the motivation necessary to resist the authorities while listening to hard tunes.

Stay for Tomorrow was formed in 2018 in Dunfermline, Scotland by vocalist and rhythm guitarist Joe MacFarlane, lead guitarist Nic Holson, drummer Sean Priestley and bassist Ollie Cobbett. Characterised by their explosive and rebellious sound, they have realeased four singles since 2019: “Kings and Queens”, “Rumours”, “Criminal” and “I Don’t Need You to Save Me” (that we have here on release day). Since then, they have been recording new material non-stop. “Non Applicable (Na Na)” is their fifth single and the foundation of a new phase of the band.

“Non Applicable (Na Na)” is a song of rebellion in our chaotic modern world. Stay for Tomorrow makes a wake up call for the listeners to identify the failing system in which we live in. The lyrics explicitly challenge the authority and the control they desire over us. However, for us, their orders are no more than gibberish: “You’re so predictable/ But I’m not one you’ll control!/ All I hear after all is na, na, na, na!”. One can have enough of the frustration caused by “the intoxication, segregation and mental health degradation”, as the lyrics identify. The track is a message to re-identify what is human and to unite with one another.

Stay for Tomorrow blasts of from the very beginning with heavy instrumentation. The guitars and drums play a heavily distorted riff that forces us to confront the themes of the track, in which we are instantly filled with the determination to storm the streets. They leave us with no space to take a break, just to take action. MacFarlane’s voclas serve as an anthem in which the people rally behind, as we all feel the need to sing along “Na,na,na,na”.

“Non Applicable (Na Na)” is a rebellious cry against the society we live in. A rallying cry that invites us to unite against the injustice that drowns this world, with hard, rocking guitar solos, drums and bass. Stay for Tomorrow shows an exciting new face in their promising career, leaving us anxious for what may come next!

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