A.B. Violet- “Merry Go Round”

A.b. Violet has released a new single from her upcoming album Elemence. “Merry Go Round” is a dreamy, mystical, trippy track that aims to take us to a detached space: a space that goes around around, as we try to convince ourselves that we are going to another place but, in reality, we are we returned to the place where we began.

As we have come to know from her previous single “Only Need Me“, A.b. Violet’s personal sound is built around echoes, reverb and synths. An athmospheric sound that becomes spatial and surrounds the listener, transporting them to another place. “Merry Go Round” takes the foundation of that sound and gives it musical and thematic depth. It builds its harmony and beat in repetitive, ritualistic rhythms to make us enter a state of trance, as if we were riding the merry-go-round of the title. A.b. Violet’s vocals hypnotize by their melodic energy and raw emotion. “Merry Go Round” was recorded in Highland Studios in Essex, by Elliot Richardson.

Thematically, “Merry Go Round” is an ode to apathy inspired by the storytelling of Annie Lennox, Tori Amos and Kate Bush, stimulated from a very personal experience. A.b. Violet recognizes the struggle to deal with the influx of thoughts and emotions that may overwhelm us in our day to day. We wish to deattach from these emotions, only accepting the things as they come by, sometimes losing our focus the day. A.b. Violet wishes to confort and acknowledge this apathy, as a way of recognizing that those feelings are universal, and we are not alone.

“Merry Go Round” is another track that lets A.b. Violet’s musical style shine, showing the expansive possibilities in terms of music and themes. She has shown her ability to tell stories and transmit emotion with her music, building upon her previous work. A.b. Violet reinforces her personal sound. Her expert use of echoes and reverbs construct sonic spaces in which we immerse ourselves. With each realease, our excitement for the future of her career grows bigger and bigger!

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