Mono XL “Where I Belong”

The artist behind the moniker Mono XL marks the beginning of a new solo project with the engaging single, ‘Where I Belong’.

Mono XL is a newly debuted artist, arriving to the music scene the 30th of September, 2021. Created by self-produced singer-songwriter Mike de Lis, this solo allows the man to be truly personal and explore themes of nostalgia and his daily struggles. While he keeps finding his own voice with the help of the Mono XL identity, his sound is also growing and cementing itself as part of who he is; de Lis finds himself at home surrounded by a combination of eighties rhythms, guitar riffs, and the best of synthpop. 

In Where I Belong, Mono XL opens up about the sense of belonging he feels inside his idealistic dreams, where everything has always made more sense, and the heavy contrast of being at loss he feels when facing the real world.

Engaging, blissfully euphoric, and beautiful are fitting words to describe Where I Belong

Inside this rapturous dreamlike world, with synth riffs wrapping around the listener’s mind and de Lis’ poetic honesty, we can explore the concept of dreams bringing a sense of belonging that the song aimed to capture. Despite the riffs and energetic melody feeling out of this world, there is a feeling of recognition within the song that makes people feel understood. 

The sensation of being understood is first brought by the lyrics, yet it is within the instrumentals that one will find the depth that successfully lures people into Mono XL’s mind. This is achieved thanks to de Lis’ talent and creativity, which he explains further.

“In my creative process music always comes first, normally the idea starts sounding in my mind and I build from there, but sometimes something that I am playing or listening to, triggers the idea. This was the case with Where I belong: I was tweaking the arpeggiator on my Nord Lead and the riff just popped up, then the bass line and drums came together right after, and then the verse melody. The rest of the song was more about deciding the arrangements step by step.”

Quoting from the varied range that are Bowie, Prince, The Voidz, Hot Chip, and Radiohead as influences to his music, we’re able to know one thing for certain: Neither de Lis nor Mono XL will be confined by genre. Without a label or a sound tied to himself, he is ready to explore anything that speaks to his heart and thoughts, as his only goal with the Mono XL project is to celebrate the joy and fulfillment making music brings him.

Within Mono XL, one can expect to find heartfelt and honest melodies and lyrics that can reach the innermost part of our hearts. Perhaps by listening to him, you will be able to find your personal fulfillment, too.

If you enjoyed Mono XL’s music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out his official website. For social media you can follow his Instagram account. To listen to his music, you can head over to his Spotify profile and Soundcloud.

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