Noah Gray “cut you off”

Noah Gray makes a difficult choice in the name of a better future in his single, ‘cut you off’.

The one marn army known as Noah Gray is a singer, songwriter and producer who is constantly implementing his honest feelings into his work with the help of his creative abilities. Based in the southern part of the United States, the young artist who’s been an active social media personality for years is more than ready to share about his experiences. 

In 2020, Gray’s music has a focus on themes such as isolation and anxiety, mainly born out of the global pandemic that forced the world to change their lives. Now, having expressed his feelings on said matter, he is back with a year-old song that focuses on themes related to social interaction: in the specific case of cut you off, he delves deep into the importance of ending a relationship  for his own mental health and long term happiness. 

When it comes to either letting go of someone who brings pain into your life or trying to salvage the connection you’ve nurtured over time, the choice will always feel impossible despite being crystal clear. This is something Noah Gray recognizes, as he touches upon the pain of doing something for his own good, and the resolve it takes to make the final decision.

As he presented his latest release to the world, Gray explained how the song’s one of bravery and strength, stating: “This song is ultimately about being brave enough to cut out toxic people from your life. We’ve all dealt with them at least once and it’s necessary for growth as a person.” 

Sound-wise, Gray wanted to create something lighter in tone compared to his last big project, an EP titled  ‘ombré’, and went for something more inclined to pop than the previous R&B sound he’s shown great domain of. As his musical inspirations, the artist mentioned Haley Kiyoko and Taylor Swift (specifically her 1989 era, known for its dreamier sound), as they were what he was listening to the most at that moment. The delicate sound of cut you off is also reminiscent of Troye Sivan’s work, giving us a throwback feel to his Blue Neighbourhood album. 

Gray expresses his unwillingness to be labeled, as he knows he will not follow or be conformed by its connotations. Instead, the artist will be creating whatever he feels represents him and his heart the best at any given time. 

As he expresses his life through music, Noah Gray will keep trying out and mastering new sounds, more than willing to let us all see and ultimately understand who the artist named Noah Gray truly is.

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