TOP 100 SONGS 2021 (100-92)

What??? You might think that is too early, but I know from experience that is not that way, we’re about to start Week 40 which means we only have 13 more weeks in 2021, yes!!! And if we take at least the last 2 weeks of the year out of the picture well that only left us with 11 weeks, the minimum for me to deliver 9 tracks each week and the last one the TOP 1O (yes the math is right I need 11 weeks).

I’ve been doing this since 2018, 2019, and 2020 and now I’m about to share with you this year, the first since we start this blog, so for sure is going to be different, better and has been a great year discovering a bunch of great artists, so many hidden gems we have found, and shared with you so let’s go, remember this is no particular order, isn’t from least favorite to best track of all, it’s only a countdown for fun, a way to enjoy one more time this tunes and give a high five to these unknown artists that stand out in IMHO this 2021.   

Important to mention that all these artists were “Less Than 1,000 Followers” on Spotify at the time we publish their article, some of them still are but others just jump over and we hope all made it sooner or later.    

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