Mother Culture “Scaramouche”

Caressing the rather ancient pet hen and having recently buried her sibling, I feel practically immortal compared to them. Until I get pulled out of my little bubble and notice I’m also growing old. Today’s single goes right in to unravel those stacked emotions surrounding our mortality and does that with compassion.

Growing up from childhood infused with music, two brothers Darcy and Spencer Ward have joined forces under their alias Mother Culture. Their discography so far holds an EP released in November 2020 as well as a group of singles with artistic cover images. The duo’s sound is delightfully indie-rock, swirling in both emotions and a lot of harmonically layered melodies. Unmistakably warm and lush sound does carry quite a lot of influence from the childhood diet of Beach Boys and the Beatles. Effortlessly flowing music!

Their newest single “Scaramouche” dropped over the weekend. Its delicately colorful cover image holds a proud-looking cat named Scaramouche – the brothers’ pet from childhood now growing old. Inspired by the beloved senior cat, the song touches the topic of getting old and embracing mortality and all it comes with.

Beginning with what I’m pretty sure was an old clock, the guitars quickly sweep over it and join with long vibrant choral chords. The lyrics feel heavy with the sense of heartache and sadness, looking into the inevitable. Soft and caressing melodies hummed by a choir of voices surround with the sometimes fleeting feel of acceptance. At times it feels like the singer and instrumental side are joined together playing a different part – the instrumental side being the warm comforting embrace for the singer feeling heavy with thoughts.

It’s definitely a reminder to embrace the presence of your beloved while you can. This single also addresses the quiet lingering bitterness over growing old yourself, which may or may not show itself very often unless it gets poked awake with a seemingly mundane question. At the end of the day, everything dies sooner or later, and we’re all like butterflies in age… What differs us from the actual butterflies is us carrying a large weight of emotions.

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