Anne Bennett “Highway Boys”

Anne Bennett continues her bewitching journey to success with her third single, ‘Highway Boys’.

The Salem born and based artist, Anne Bennett, is back for the third time this year. Inspired by the history of the city she was raised in, Bennett’s music represents the haunting and enchanting experiences and memories she has, resulting in an alternative and melancholic sound that carries within it themes of sorrow, love, death, and life.

Debuting in early April with the single ‘Deep In The Shadows’ and releasing her song track, ‘Heavy Hand’, at the beginning of September, Anne Bennett has had a busy year establishing herself in the world of music. Her efforts have not been in vain, as she currently amasses almost four thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, and has done an outstanding job at making both her and her music identifiable, now a concise image and sound. 

Highway Boys, released on the twenty-fourth of September, presents a brighter side of Bennett in both sound and lyrics.

In the beginning of her career, Benett’s single Deep In The Shadows was an exploration of the tug of war between wanting to be free and actually finding what freedom means for yourself. Seven months later, Highway Boys retakes the theme of freedom. While the former focuses on the comfort found in darkness, the latter represents the liberation found in light and the bright, joyful side of nature.  

Highway Boys is a musical representation of the artist’s journey into the music scene, as she steps away from her mundane life in order to gain new experiences. As she steps into the unknown, only accompanied by her familiar alternative rock sound, Anne Bennett challenges herself and the world that she’s about to face, filled with determination and a desire to live on the edge and to the fullest of her abilities.

Filled with adrenaline despite its laid back pace, this recent release is one that will resonate with listeners who are looking for excitement in life, those who are chasing their passions and dreams despite the future being unknown, and those who need that final push to finally take the risk they’ve been dreaming of.

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