Brutal hardcore with a Country twist? This emerging, self-described Spooky Country Core band from Milaukee, WI, has arrived with a wicked agenda. “Spit//Swallow” is a nasty and violent track ready to be head-banged to. Listen right now to Rat Bath’s new single!

My friends! Welcome back to Less Than a 1000 Followers, it’s truly amazing to see all of you around here one more time. Let me welcome you with today’s chaotic track. If you’re into quick, violent, spooky music, this track is for you! Perfect for this October!

First of all, let me introduce to you to RAT BATH, this spooky USA band incorporates country riffs and influences while telling horrifying tales. Whaaat? Country, terror and hardcore? Yes, please! This single marks the first one off their upcoming concept album, “Rat From Hell”, which depicts the story of a witch whose powers are rendered useless and is forced to physically fight off a demon paid to capture them. I say, goddam’!

“Spit//Swallow” tells the moment in the story where the witch claws its way through a timeless prison and fends off “guardians” holding them captive by quite literally biting them and draining their blood… And let me tell you, the song does feel like that scene!

Brutal. Fast. Sharp. Growling. Did I say brutal already? Fucking fast and complex guitar shredding, raw female vocals, anxious drums and chaotic bass. Blast off! It does make me feel like I’m biting heads off to survive. Brilliant.

But there is a complete whole story behind this single, and we will have a quick look into it:

“There is a deeper meaning to this gruesome tale. In the beginning of the album it is explained that the demon was paid a bounty to capture Fred by a rapist who had previously attacked them. The demon represents trauma and how it manifests in one’s life. Sometimes as fear, anger, grief, and even as desire or longing. Fred’s story concludes after they regain their powers and realize the only way to kill the demon once and for all is to resolve their trauma. This piece of the narrative will be featured in the next single to be released, Sweet Puppet, which will be coming out Oct 29. This album was based closely on the lyricist own struggle with trauma and is being shared with the world with the intent to not only give voice to those resolving their own trauma but to help end stigmatization of survivors of sexual assault. Rat From Hell is written by Fred Kenyon and Cora Bequeaith.” – RAT BATH

The full album is set to release in Feb of 2022, so we can expect more chapters of this grim adventure to come. In the meantime, butcher your enemies with the soothing pace of this delightful piece. See you ’round!

Performed by Rat Bath: Fred Kenyon (they/them) – Vocals. Cora Bequeaith (she/her)- Guitar. Róisín Shields (she/her, they/them) – Guitar. Phoenix Lehner (he/him, they/them) – Bass. Emmett Roehr (he/him) – Drums.

Recorded in Bummer City Produced by Dan Bee at Bee Sound. Photo credits: LaLux Photography.

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